The Ultimate Bipartisan Collaboration

Q: What do the folks in "The Elephants in the Room" think of "The War Donkey", and vice versa? 

In Nov 2018, I was invited to join the pro-Democratic Party Quora group called War Donkey as a resident cartoonist. Amused, I warned my contact up front that the specific focus of my work was of an antiracism theme and for the empowerment of the black American Descendants of Slavery and I wouldn’t be beholden to party limiting rules. My contact, who had already seen my work, said that was fine and they just wanted me to be comfortable posting however way I wished. I warned that the bipartisan rhetoric and bickering I saw in the world were fair game for my cartooning voice and I was told that was also fine.

I expected some controversy and pushback because that’s the nature of editorial cartooning in general and antiracism critique in specific, so the combination of the two would of course trigger a lot of folk (the triggered responses usually just inspire more cartoons). What I wasn’t expecting was that it turned out that War Donkey was specifically created as the counter to a rival GOP Quora group, and the gang leader of that group decided that one of my stock characters was a caricature of him. He wrote a blog condemning me and WD for allowing it and despite the evidence (the character made its debut in 20 Jul 2018, four months before I even knew who this guy was) he would not budge from his weird position. This actually didn’t bother me though, since this WAS the GOP we’re talking about. That’s how they roll. They’re pretty consistent.

What DID bother me, however, was the increasing squirming and complaints coming from the War Donkey side. Interestingly, they gave the word of their partisan rival group the benefit of the doubt OVER me. Even today, in the older comments of several Answers below, I can see WD comments that disparage my work and kowtow to the whining aggression of their rivals. 

I started out my time as a member of War Donkey quite distrustful, since my political social media experiences with either liberal and conservative white people had not been pleasant up to that point. My supposed white liberal allies’ natural tendency to side with white conservatives over me when it came to the topic of ending anti-Black systemic racism confirmed my distrust, and even a couple of discussions I had about the Reparations item mimicked dialogues I have had in the past as an almost exact copy/paste job. Eventually I was removed from the group and it is clear that it was because of my antiracism focus that never stops making the bipartisan white aristocracy uncomfortable. Until the stench of that evil is finally removed from our society, it should continue making them uncomfortable.

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