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About The Promised Podcast

Why support The Promised Podcast?

There is no shortage of stuff being written and said about Israel; the internet is filled with it. What is special about The Promised Podcast? Why should you support it?

Most of what’s said about Israel is from one of two perspectives. A lot of it is damning and harsh, finding in the country nothing good or admirable, portraying everything done here as venal and evil. Criticism of this policy or that event is, often, just a thin cover for anti-semitism. Even when it is not, much of what one reads about Israel shows no empathy for the place, and little understanding of it, or concern for its future.

The rest of what one reads about Israel is mostly the opposite, portraying Israel as a country that is incapable of doing wrong. It is defensive, laying all the blame for the Arab-Israeli conflict on Palestinians, and refusing to brook any criticism. It buries deep any misgivings about Israeli government policies.

There is something in common to both these perspectives. Both are unwilling to recognize that there are decent people on all sides of the conflict in the Middle East. Both see the Middle-East as a zero-sum affair. Both are hard-hearted, either seeing nothing of value in the astonishing accomplishments of Israelis or nothing valid in the sincere aspirations of Palestinians.

There is a cost to all this. The Promised Podcast was started after host Noah Efron’s sister told him, some years ago, that she had stopped talking about Israel altogether. Many of her progressive friends had long-ago given up on the place; they did not share the love she felt for the country. Many of the people she knew who cared most about Israel supported the country uncritically; they did not share the worry she felt about the continuation of the occupation. Even in New York, in a community of brilliant and engaged Jews, it had become almost impossible to talk about Israel with both love and concern, with appreciation and criticism.

The Promised Podcast was started to show that it is still possible to talk about Israel, from a progressive perspective, with devotion, affection and, at the same time, some anguish over the country’s present circumstances. We know this to be true, because we live here, and love this place, and believe in it, and are still perplexed and distressed by some of what happens here. We are active in politics and journalism and scholarship about Israel, and know the place well. Our children are entering the army. We have faith in their future, even as we worry about their present. Each week, we demonstrate that it is possible to do exactly what more and more people have concluded cannot be done: to love Israel with passion and commitment, even as we criticize.

At a time when more and more progressive Zionists simply give up, turning their attentions to other matters, we show – week in, week out – that it is possible, and worthwhile, to remain engaged in Israel.

We invest a great deal of time and energy to make this show possible. Perhaps less apparent is the number of individuals who work to make it all happen each and every week. Our researcher spends hours compiling topics and reading material for the panel. Those topics are discussed at length and discussion points are raised. Noah spends hours writing show notes, (ostensibly) funny titles and colorful intros, and selecting which Israeli musician to feature. Each panelist sets aside time from their busy schedule to study the material and to form their opinions in preparation for the discussion. The episode requires an hour and a half of recording time and then a further four hours of editing, mixing, and mastering by the studio's audio engineer. The podcast and all its different segments are then published to the web and social media by our web editor. Behind each hour you hear are dozens and dozens of hours of work.

We ask that you consider supporting this labor of love at a level of your choice. We've got multiple rewards waiting for you as our way to say thanks.

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