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My name is Filipe, you might know me as ps or psenough. I'm a strong supporter of free culture and open source, sharing most of the things i do on youtube and github. I'm a self-taught artist / geek / hacker / hack of the digital age with a degree in informatics engineering. Also a interactive media artist, a musician, a software developer, a demoscener, a netlabel owner, a writer, a gamer and a livestream host. I also help my girlfriend with her Books&Beers Portuguese youtube channel.

Yes, i do a lot of things in different areas! Both a blessing and a curse.

In 2016 i realized my full-time job at Artica as a senior software developer / project manager / company firefighter was not letting me focus on the things that really interest me. And since life is short i decided to reduce my hours to a small consultancy role that just keeps me financially afloat and allows me, with the help of my patrons, to do what i want, regardless if it comes with an obvious paycheck or not.

My evil plans for world domination right now include:
- prepare new releases for Enough Records
- monthly new episode of Enough Records Radio Show
- do more videos for youtube (try to reach 1500 subs)
- host demoscene related content (MDT9K, shader royale, etc)
- learn enough shader coding SDF magic trickery to do raymarching entries
- random new creative writing
- random new music
- random new drawings
- random deep dream generator sessions

If you find value in any of these things that i do for free, please consider joining my patreon. In return you'll get access to the semi-regular reports where you can help me figure out where to aim my focus next. Depending on your contribution you will also get some personalized swag or credits. Your patronage will mostly help me cover basic living costs, try new craft beer, purchase new equipment, allow me to consider trips to random events and fund the non-profit organizations i support (EDRi, EFF,, WFMU, ANSOL, D3, etc).
$68.59 of $100 per month
Get branding (intros, transitions, layouts).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 96 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 96 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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