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About Psychological Science Accelerator

Who We Are

The Psychological Science Accelerator is a globally distributed network of psychological science laboratories (currently over 500), representing over 60 countries on all six populated continents, that coordinates data collection for democratically selected studies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the accumulation of reliable and generalizable evidence in psychological science, reducing the distance between truth about human behavior and mental processes and our current understanding. This challenge cannot be adequately met by a single researcher or small team. Instead, we attempt to meet this challenge with a distributed laboratory network that is ongoing (as opposed to time or task limited), diverse (both in terms of human subjects and participating researchers), and inclusive (we welcome ideas, contributions, study proposals, or other input from anyone in the field of psychology). You can read more about how we pursue our mission here.

Our Funding

The PSA started as a volunteer organization funded by enthusiasm -- and nothing else. In 2019, we estimate that the PSA is supported by an estimated 19,390 volunteer work hours from about 500 people, equivalent to approximately 10 full time people per year. Although we have accomplished much with our team of volunteers, we believe we could do much more with dedicated funding.

Our Plan for this Patreon

We plan to use this money for the following categories of items:
  • Grants to support data collection costs in under-resourced labs (e.g., participant recruitment, equipment, research assistant support)
  • Stipends to fund PSA staff contributions to studies (e.g., project monitoring, data management, translation, and ethics review)
  • Funding for specialized software to support PSA activities (e.g., Slack, GSuite, Inquisit)
  • Funding to enhance the contribution of our datasets (e.g., data management and data release events)

The exact items that we use the Patreon to fund will vary from month to month. Each quarter, we will provide updates on our Patreon page that describe our current funding priorities.

What You Get

In the end we are a service organization: We believe that large-scale collaborations can improve and potentially transform psychological science, and all the money that does not go toward covering the costs of Patreon rewards will go toward producing those large-scale collaborations. However, we also want to provide you, our patrons, a view into what we’re doing so that you can know that your money is being used for good. Our reward tiers are mainly geared toward accomplishing that aim. 
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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