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Public Domain Models

Creating Free CC0 3D Models & Public Domain 3D Game Assets

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About Public Domain Models

Public Domain Models is an website by Mohamad Rido just to share 3D Models from learning last 2018. Then had the initiative to share under Creative Commons Public Domain Mark 1.0 and Creative Commons Zero 1.0 License. Instead just stored on the notebook hard drive. You can easily edit 3D Models from basic shapes (low poly) without being encrypted by me, so you can choose Creative Commons by you and use it however.

How to Support:
This Patreon page for everyone who wants to support me, and as you know this page is not a paywall system.

I’m not sure if this artwork is worthy or not if given support by you. Because you know this is just the file from learning to make 3D Models like everyone else. So you can consider before spending on something like this. But that’s okay, if you really think it’s worth it and can help to create even better next works.

If you want to support me or just to appreciate it you can Contact me or sent to my PayPal.

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