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How can you grow beautiful flowers with out the seeds first? You can't.

Thank you for your support! With this tier you get:

  • A patron credit and thanks at the end of each DeathSitter chapter, intermission or video segment (only names listed as current patrons at the end of the chapter, intermission or video segment apply. This reward might change if the number of patrons becomes too much to include)
  • Access to news about DeathSitter (and other projects) here on Patreon
  • Access to a private, patron only tumblr blog with all the DeathSitter pages in HD! Get the best quality experience of the comic! 

Includes Discord benefits

Blooming Flower

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When seeds begin to bloom, it fills my heart with joy <3 

Wow, thank you!! With this tier you get:

  • all previous tier benefits
  • Early access to DeathSitter updates as I finish them (typically, get your updates a day earlier than the rest of the world!)
  • Early access to F!?k Me as I finish the pages (a comic exclusive to Patreon until chapters are completed and put up publicly)
  • Access to private drawings (includes sketches, fun doodles... just about anything I do over the month that simply doesn't get posted! The amount per month varies) 
Includes Discord benefits


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There is no animal luckier than a bunny rabbit! The more we have, the better our fortunes!

This is wonderful! Thank you so much! With this tier you get:

  • all previous tier benefits
  • Behind the scenes art! Get to see thumbnails, scripts, concept art of DeathSitter, along with other unreleased projects and private character designs!
Includes Discord benefits




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About Puppetology

My name is Circe Bogart, you can call me Circe, or puppet, or anything you'd like, really. I am a freelance artist, currently working as an animator. My free time is dedicated to producing comics!


(read here)

(a horror comedy about an unusually lucky druggie who gets tasked with babysitting the daughter of a grim reaper)

This Patreon page is for people who like what they see and want MORE! With your generosity, I can post DeathSitter and other stories I'm planning WAY faster at even better quality.

Patrons here of course will get early access, sneak peaks, behind the scenes art, and frequent news about the comics!

Every Patron currently supporting by the end of each chapter, intermission or video segment of DeathSitter will be credited and thanked! You are very much a part of this comic, and I want to celebrate you and your generosity this way!

 If you are interested, please consider supporting me here on Patreon. It will be fun, I look forward to having you here!

"Druggie" Tier patrons (limited slots) will get a monthly request. Commissions from me are not always available, so if you are interested in getting a personalized drawing from me, this is a good way to do it!

-ALL- my patrons here get access to a private Tumblr blog with all the DeathSitter pages in HD! The comic is posted publicly on Webtoons and Tapas, both at a much smaller size and only the first chapter in HD is available to non patrons (which you can visit here -->https://deathsitter.tumblr.com/post/164380436576). However if you enjoy DeathSitter, 1 dollar a month can get you access to the rest of the comic as it is meant to be read! Pretty Neato! 

Thanks again for stopping by! Much love <3

$366.21 of $450 per month
This is a pretty good chunk of what I currently need to live off monthly. Of course, these things change and I understand that life gets more expensive as we move forward, but this is enough to justify to me that DeathSitter is gonna start keeping me afloat in a more substantial way than just a hobby. The quality of the content has already increased since the start of the comic, and hitting this point, I would like to increase the quantity too in a sustainable way.
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