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Please join me and some of the best people on earth on my role-playing Discord server, where you can see and share pixel works in progress, view every detail of my own game development projects, and even join in on one of several ongoing games hosted by my friends at Narcissist Interactive! Movie nights once a week, including an after movie Star Trek TNG session! Group exercise for nerds daily! Free pixel avatars for everyone!

Be sure to check your email for the invite. We can't wait to meet you! :D

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High Five! Tier

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Yeah, buddy! For five bucks, you get every .PSD file for every pixel art creation I make, including access to the occasional NSFW piece (which may be sexual, political, or violent in nature). You may use any element from these files in your work the same as all my other resources!
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Indie Tier

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Get my .PSD masterfiles for pH64 scale, updated each month. These files are where I create and organize all my sprites and pixel elements, and so they will contain lots of things I am working on but haven't uploaded as publicly available sets yet. Currently you'll get:

  • My construction PSD, containing all pixel items and the palette I use to make them.
  • My sprite design PSD, containing all pixel bases to be animated in future, as well as all sprites I've made with them so far.
  • And coming soon: my pixel texture PSD, containing hundreds of pixel textures I've created and collected over the years.
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About Stacy Love

Howdy y'all. It's me, Stacy Love, also known as Purple Heart on deviantArtReddit, and OpenGameArt. This is where I work every day to create pixel and voxel resources from home, all intended to share with the indie game community for free. Occasionally I also create my own pixel art projects, which I'll always post here for anyone who visits. The raw files of my artwork will be shared to patrons, which can be then used for even more free assets!

As an artist who generally hates asking people who I know have nothing to give me something, even if I worked very hard on it, I find Patreon to be the best solution to let people donate what they can, when they can. This money will pay for animations and collaborations with other artists to create even more resources free for the community to use, and so your money helps me, yourself, and everyone who intends to use this work.

Currently, my goal is to commission an animator to create a set of 18 sprite bases at a scale appropriate for interacting with my assets. Why so many? It's because I would like to see more diverse body shapes in games. The final set will feature tall people, short people, thick, thin, and everything in between, with 9 sprites each in male and female bodies. Eventually I would like to include child and elderly bodies and even more interactions, which you can find in my list of goals. These will all be made available for free on OpenGameArt, and the more money I can raise a month, the faster I will be able to release them.

It's my sincere belief that games are more valuable than mere entertainment; indeed, games are the true artist medium of our lifetime, and we haven't even begun to tap into their potential. I just know there are so many people out there that could use them to entertain, teach, and tell unique stories if they only had access to affordable resources. So I hope this sounds like worthwhile stuff to you and you'll consider making a pledge.

Otherwise, please enjoy the free art and wallpapers!

Thanks for stopping by!
<3 Stacy
$9.90 of $75 per month
At $75 a month, I can afford to commission and release one free, fully-animated sprite base each month containing the following actions, with the potential to add even more later:

Idle, Walk, Run, Jump, Dash, Roll, Kneel, Block, Crawl, Climb (Platform / Rope / Ladder), Vine/Rope Swing, Generic Interact (High / Medium / Low), Punch, Kick, Block, Take Damage (Low / High), Fall, Stunned & Consume Item
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