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About Andy Matuschak

Hi there! I’m a software engineer, designer, and researcher. I work on technologies that expand what people can think and do. Recent projects have included Quantum Country and How can we build transformative tools for thought? with collaborator Michael Nielsen. I'm expanding that work with Orbit and other related projects.

If you're here, you probably already know something about my work. But what you may not know is that I'm an independent researcher. These projects are my full-time "job"… except insofar as they don't generate income. Instead, my work is funded through a crowdfunded research grant, from people like you.

If you enjoy my work, I invite you to become a member of my lab community. You'll get behind-the-scenes articles and early access to my projects. Think of your contribution not as a "tip"—buying me a coffee in appreciation—but as "grantmaking": crowdfunding a research program.

Living in San Francisco with my background, the easy thing to do would be to raise VC funding and start a startup. But I worry that revenue generation would be not just a distraction but a brick wall: tools for thought are hard enough to explore with complete focus. It's hard to imagine succeeding with divided focus. Worse, there are some deep structural conflicts between startup models and research in tools for thought.

Can we crowdfund full-time research in tools for thought? I have no idea if this is a viable path permanently, but it seems viable at least as an approach to bootstrapping—one which may lead us to very different outcomes in this path-dependent space. I don't think it's ever been done before! I'd be grateful for your help in running the experiment.


PS: Prefer to donate crypto? I can receive donations at:
BTC: 3LDpUk5UmMzvt3M8BLrRfLRjjuoGqxYLeW
ETH: 0x8B8B7d68d2480eA6AEE3290615bB9911f7BdfeE1
Please note that due to limitations in Patreon, I can't give crypto donors access to patron-only content. Please do send me an email at [email protected] to say hello if you've made a donation.
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When we hit this goal, we will have crowdfunded the equivalent of an NSF CAREER grant—a common "starter" grant for junior faculty in the sciences. This level of funding would clearly demonstrate that crowdsourced research funding is possible at a professional level. Around this point, funding will safely extend beyond my expenses, and I can begin to spend it on accelerating my work.
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