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Naar (The Youth)

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The most basic audience in Mishlei is the naar, or "Mishleic youth." One of the purposes of Mishlei is "to provide a youth with knowledge and design" (Mishlei 1:4), and that is what I hope you will attain from my content. Why $3? Shlomo ha'Melech says: "Where one can be overpowered, two can resist attack, [but] a three-ply cord is not easily severed" (Koheles 4:12). I intended to have $1 as the minimum donation, but Patreon said it's too little of an amount (due to processing fees). Then I went to $2 and Patreon said it's still too little. When I got to $3, Patreon said that's fine. So that's the minimum amount. Also, I feel like $3 a month is reasonable for those "youths" who partake of my content.
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Chacham (The Wise)

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Shlomo ha'Melech says: "acquire wisdom" (Mishlei 4:5), "the beginning of wisdom is to acquire wisdom" (ibid. 4:7), and "How much better than fine gold is the acquisition of wisdom!" (ibid. 16:16). If you feel you've acquired wisdom from my content and feel obliged to support the production of further content, then your support will be much appreciated!
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Navon (The Understanding)

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Shlomo ha'Melech says: "acquire understanding" (Mishlei 4:5), "from your every acquisition acquire understanding" (ibid. 4:7), and "the acquisition of understanding is choicer than silver" (ibid. 16:16). To become a chacham (wise person) is the first level of Mishleic development, but to become a navon (understanding person) is even higher. If you feel you've gained (or are en route to gaining) understanding from my Torah content, please consider donating at this tier!
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About Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss

Hello! My name is Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss. If you've found my Patreon page, chances are that you're at least somewhat familiar with my Torah content, whether the classes I've given at Shalhevet in the past, the I currently give at YBT and Lomdeha, the videos I post on YouTube, or the articles I've written on Kol ha'Seridim, or my podcasts and audio recordings. I launched this Patreon for one goal: to be able to teach and spread Torah to an even larger audience.

What is Patreon? Think of it as an easy way to become a modern-day "patron of the arts" for content-creators whose work you value. Unlike platforms such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe, which are geared towards one-time fund raising efforts for specific causes or projects, Patreon allows you to support the continual creation of content on a monthly or "per episode" basis.

Make no mistake: my content will always be FREE to all who wish to learn! But if you feel you have benefited from my content and would like to support my work, please consider making a small monthly contribution. Whether your budget allows for $3 a month, $10 a month, or more, I can assure you that your generosity will go a long way.

My first goal is to be able to cover the operating costs of my YouTube Channel and podcasts, which I am currently paying for out of pocket. Specifically, it will help pay for equipment (webcam, mic, backdrop, lighting, etc.), for platforms/software (prior Zoom fees, current Loom fees, podcast hosting rights and storage), and other costs which directly result in the Torah content I produce. 

Once that goal is met, additional funds will allow me to branch out and experiment with NEW types of content (instead of making ends meet with private tutoring). Perhaps I can make different types of "5-minute Torah" series, akin to "5-minute kavanah" series. Perhaps I can try my hand at a weekly 1-page dvar Torah. I might dabble in Facebook livestreams, or experiment with the Stereo app, or even start a "traditional" podcast with co-hosts and guests. I'm open to suggestions and experiments. The possibilities are endless! But I'll need your support to have the chance. If you value what I'm doing and trust my judgment as a teacher, then please consider supporting the cause!

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/rabbischneeweiss
Blog: https://kolhaseridim.blogspot.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rmschneeweiss
"The Mishlei Podcast": https://mishlei.buzzsprout.com
"The Stoic Jew" Podcast: https://thestoicjew.buzzsprout.com
"Rambam Bekius" Podcast: https://rambambekius.buzzsprout.com
"Machshavah Lab" Podcast: https://machshavahlab.buzzsprout.com
"The Tefilah Podcast": https://tefilah.buzzsprout.com
Our Yeshiva: https://www.yeshivabneitorah.org/
Our Women's Program: https://www.lomdeha.org/

100% complete
My first goal for this Patreon is to recoup the costs I've paid out of pocket to produce content I've made from September through November. These costs include the following items:
- Webcam: $64.90
- Microphone: $76.20
- Ring Light: $39.78
- Backdrop: $14.89
- Zoom Subscription (before yeshiva paid): $45
- Loom Subscription (for a year): $96
- Podcast Hosting Fees (higher than it will be going forward because of backlog of content, and uncertain because there are 20 days left in the month): $100+
Total: somewhere between $420 - $500, depending on how much more content I upload this month
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