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Get access to the supporter role on racetime.gg, which gives you:

  • Fancy gold paint job on your username. Stand out from the crowd!
  • Unique username of your choice, with no #xxxx at the end.
  • Unique, custom profile page URL.
  • Our shiny supporter badge will appear on your racetime.gg profile.

You will of course need an active account on https://racetime.gg to enjoy these perks. After creating your pledge, message us with your profile URL to have your account upgraded. You'll continue to have supporter status as long as your monthly pledge is active.

Please be aware of the following:

  • You can disable the gold username flair at any time via your account settings.
  • To remove the number suffix part from your name, simply visit your account settings page and save your profile. You may have to edit your name if it's already been taken by another supporter (hopefully this isn't very likely!).
  • You can set your custom profile URL from account settings as well.
  • You can change your custom profile URL at any time, but be aware that your old custom URL will not redirect to your new one.
  • If your pledge lapses you will lose access to the gold username, custom URL (it'll redirect back to the standard URL) and supporter badge features. Your profile name will not change, but if you decide to change it yourself later then your new name will be given a number suffix, unless you've re-applied your supporter benefit.
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About racetime.gg

Hello everyone. My name is Damian, better known online as Dyn, and I am the founder of racetime.gg, an open platform for organising races online.

I built racetime.gg to give the speedrunner community (plus anyone else with an interest in gaming) a modern, free, and powerful system to use for online races. It is my intention to always keep the site as open and useful as possible. All the site's code is available as open-source, and the site itself will not run ads, or intrude on user privacy by selling data.

The site is relatively new on the scene but is already growing in popularity. In order to maintain it, we do of course need to rent servers, host backups, and so on. As a professional web developer myself, I'm pretty well-versed in creating a stable, fast and secure web environment.

By signing up as a supporter you can help meet the costs of running the site and its continued development. As a bonus, you'll also get some cosmetic perks on racetime.gg itself, which are detailed in the tier plan above.

racetime.gg is a project for the community, and all the funds collected via this Patreon will go back into that community, one way or another. If you're interested in how various costs are being met, you should join the site's Discord server. I'll be sharing as much information as I can with supporters to help them see where their money takes us.

Funds raised via this Patreon are paid to racetime.gg limited (England & Wales; 12605863). This is a private, non-profit company limited by guarantee, whose primary purpose is simply to make racetime.gg the best site it can be.

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