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Awesome Chu Supporter!

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You'll get access to most Patron only stuff.

  • You'll get access to Patron only polls. I'll let everyone vote on what I should do next, what features to add, and what features should be removed or tweaked. As a dedicated supporter, your opinion matters most.
  • You'll be the first to access the public Beta. For at least the first week, the beta will be open to only my closest friends, and my Patrons. And every new version that comes out will be available for Patrons and my crew of private testers

Chu Alpha Tester!

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You get:
  • Everything at the $1 tier
  • You'll be able to test the Alpha version before it reaches public Beta, and offer feedback. Please keep in mind that the Alpha isn't going to be fun. Testing it is work. I'm offering it to Patrons, not as a game, but as a way to get involved in the early development for the most devoted fans. I will listen to any feedback or criticism you have, while the game is still the most malleable, meaning your critique will have the most impact!




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About rainChu

Hi, my name is Alex Haddad. But everyone calls me rainChu! My best friends and I are making a game. We're getting close to selling it, and your support is just as meaningful now as ever! However, in order to transfer the project to a publisher, I'm distancing my name from the product. All the information about the game will continue to be posted on the Discord server.
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Professional music and sound!
Goal hit! Previously, I said I would get Picarto at this tier... but I failed to stream on a regular basis and I never got a following as a result. So instead, I'm putting that money towards compensating a good friend who is able to provide much better sound than I could ever hope to do myself. I've posted a sample of one of the songs, and Alpha 2 now contains both of the songs that have been finished so far.
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