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Fox Kit

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As a Kit, you'll be entitled to the Patreon exclusive community, the Discord server, and receive high-resolution versions of pieces as soon as they're completed! You can also jump into my Google Drive's image stash and find printables, PFPs, and a complete image archive.

Thank you! ♥
Includes Discord benefits
  • Exclusive Patron Discord Server
  • High-res content and early access
  • Works In Progress and Discussion (via Discord)
  • Exclusive Polls
  • Access to Image Stash on Google Drive

Young Vulpes

per month
As well as all the lower-tier benefits, I'll offer personal pow-wows for commissions. Patrons at this tier and up also get entry into exclusive raffles!

Thank you! ♥
Includes Discord benefits
  • Exclusive Raffles


per month
As a Todd, you'll get access to the files I work on (via Google Drive) in addition to benefits from the other tiers. Now you can go in and mess with my art properly. Either learn from it or vandalize it!

Thank you! ♥
Includes Discord benefits
  • Source files (Sai2, Kra, FLA, and PSD)




per month

About RaunchyHaunches

My name's Aldyn. I make NSFW and SFW anthro and furry artwork.

Patreon serves as an excellent platform for those who want to support me in creating more art down the road with their monthly pledges. The more support I can get, the more art and animation I can make! In return, I'll provide all art that I finish the moment it's completed. This early access, exclusivity, and more are the best ways I can say thanks for the support you give me on here! <3

The Goods
I am constantly working on new stuff and let it trickle out the door to the public, but as a supporter, you get to see high-res early releases of everything I do as soon as I complete it.

At each ascending level, you'll get access to more exclusive content. Starting with high-res images, alternate versions, printable files, icon packs, and project files (.sai2, .psd, .kra, .blend) for you to fiddle around with! Additionally, I run exclusive polls, raffles, and other community stuff.

At the upper tiers, I offer discounts and monthly commissions for your generosity!

I've got a hot and heavy Discord server where myself and others post art, WIPs, memes, and other stuff, exclusive for Patrons!

Thank you so much! I hope to see you join the fox skulk!

If you need to get in touch, check out the platforms below!
[email protected]
Telegram: @raunchyhaunches
Discord: RaunchyHaunches #4769

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