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is creating ReadonlyREST Elasticsearch plugin

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About Simone Scarduzio

ReadonlyREST plugin is the most credible, 100% free and Open Source alternative to X-Pack.
This project is developed by one person - for now - as a side project and generate very low income.

This is a security plugin, and for it to continue being secure it needs a lot of attention. This is what constantly needs to be done:

  • Fixing vulnerabilities immediately as soon as they are reported
  • Loads of automated testing
  • Porting code to new versions of Elasticsearch
  • Maintaining backwards compatibile builds with the previous 4-5 version
  • Supporting you in Github issues

Why to donate?

For the ponies.
Well, also. But also because the alternative would be to pay for a basic X-Pack license: many tens of thousands dollars for a handful of nodes.

So, because there's nothing worse than half assed security: either it's done seriously, or it's better to shut it down.


  • ✅ LDAP support  
  • Companion Kibana plugin (logout button, etc)
  • Document level security
  • Field level security
  • YOUR IDEA HERE (become a patron!)

None of these will be possible without contribution. Please help this plugin to keep the permissive license it has and mostly, keep on existing!

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Document level security
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