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How do we do what we do? Find out before everyone else, Baby Panda! Get sneak peeks into the creation of our toy theater, virtual and in-person shows, as well as other RealTime tidbits. 
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About RealTime Interventions

RealTime Interventions RealTime Interventions creates theatrical events and public experiences that connect human beings through empathy. We seek to generate human connection, curiosity and wonder, and to help audiences re-see their surroundings in unexpected ways. Our work is shaped by the immediacy of live and real-time art, and the creative possibilities that arise when people gather together. RealTime makes performance-based art with a wide array of collaborators, from theater artists to refugees to rock bands to our neighbors down the street. We create vibrant “companies” with every new project, made up of people from diverse realms of experience united by the story we are telling together.

Upcoming in 2021: 
Sharon - A toy-theater episodic play about the life of Sharon, a middle-Aged daycare worker, inspired by interviews with Pittsburgh childcare professionals working in the time of COVID.

Post Theatrical - RealTime will coordinate a national festival of over 15 plays by theater artists across the country that use the mail as a theatrical medium. Our production in the fest, The Birth of Paper, will be a virtual & mail-based experience celebrating paper and ink as a sacred, ancient technology of connection. 

Past projects:
ī - a city-spanning series of live cultural/ culinary performances designed to challenge Americans’ perceptions about Afghanistan, while supporting a group of Afghan female refugees in their goal to start a collectively-owned-and-run food business in Pittsburgh. (See the Emmy-nominated documentary here!)

Angelmakers: Songs for Female Serial Killers - a true-crime cabaret concert that explores the moments and motives of female serial killers throughout history. (See promo video posted here on Patreon!)

The Saints Tour: Greater Braddock - a site-specific play built intentionally for and with the neighborhood it occupies. Taking the form of a walking or bus tour, it layers real local history with aesthetic invention to temporarily enchant a small corner of the world. Before Greater Braddock, THE SAINTS TOUR was produced in Louisville, New York’s West Village, and Lower Manhattan/ Wall Street.

A Doll's House (In a Doll's House) - an online toy-theater rendition of Ibsen’s masterpiece A Doll House. Adhering tightly to Henrik Ibsen’s original text, the piece animates 3-inch-tall fuzzy Calico Critters dolls, who bring the play to life in a tiny dollhouse. It’s presented via Facebook album, completely on-demand, to unfold at the chosen pace of the viewer.
We Need You!
No other company in our region offers such a broad array of innovative, community-fueled performance experiences. RealTime plunges into new territory with childlike abandon and 60 years of collective theatermaking experience.

Artists' work and time costs money. So does every element of our productions, from the virtual platform we use to brings Black artists together with audiences to create new work in live time (RealTime Presents) to the ingredients needed for five female refugees to create an Afghan meal for an live audience (Khūrākī). As a small-but-mighty arts nonprofit, we rely on donations from individuals like you, who recognize the value in the one-of-a-kind theatrical experiences we create.

Help us dream up, build and present future "real-time interventions" by becoming a monthly donor! Claim your space in Pittsburgh's community-engaged performance landscape, by promoting empathy and mutual understanding through our work.

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Giant Panda - $50 a month
Angel Panda - $100 a month
Panda Party - $150 a month

Photo: Installation by Vanessa German, Saints Tour Greater Braddock, 2015. Credit: T. Dixon
$233.69 of $500 per month
If we hit $500 in patron gifts per month, we’ll hire a videography team to create short documentaries about our projects, and create postable insider content for all our Patreon friends!
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