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About Marius and Johni

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The ReplayMod is a Minecraft Mod that allows you to record your gameplay without performance impact, and re-watch it later from any camera perspective!

It allows you to create camera paths and render them into videos of any resolution and framerate, even on slow computers. This makes it possible for anyone to create mind-blowing video content.

You can even create 360° and VR videos super easily - whatever video you dream of, the ReplayMod allows you to create it!

The mod has been used to great effect by well-known YouTubers such as Grian, and Mumbo Jumbo.

For a good introduction, watch the trailer or this tutorial video:

Backstory, told by Marius aka CrushedPixel

It was 2012 when I had my first YouTube channel. I used to create Let's Play videos in German, and while I didn't really have an audience, I've always had a passion for making the highest quality content possible.

I was fascinated by the video edits people created in games like Call of Duty or Counter Strike, which were made possible by a feature that allowed users to watch replays of their matches while freely navigating the camera without being restricted to the usual first-person view.

Back in the day, I used to play a lot of Quakecraft on the Hypixel Server, and whenever I got an elimination I imagined how cool it'd look if I could create a montage showing off my epic shots from a different perspective. This is how the idea for the ReplayMod was born!

At the time I didn't know how to program, and had no idea about the complexity of such a mod - perhaps for the better, because 2 years later, and with a bit of programming experience under my belt, I simply started working on this "dream tool", calling it the ReplayMod.

Thankfully, I've been friends with a talented programmer and Minecraft modder called johni0702 who gave me all the pointers I needed to actually get the mod in a functional state. Half a year into the development process, he started to get involved in the codebase, reworking the rendering mechanism to use FFmpeg, making it the powerful feature it is today. He and I spent a lot of time together fine-tuning the mod, and after over a year of development, the first ReplayMod version for Minecraft 1.8 was released to the public.

The community's reaction was incredible. The ReplayMod quickly became a tool used by a large number of content creators, no matter the size. Since its initial release, different versions of the ReplayMod have been downloaded over a million times!

When Minecraft 1.9 came around the corner, we quickly realized that the demand for a ReplayMod for newer Minecraft versions was really high. At this point, Johni took over most of the development, levelling it up for us on 1.9 and beyond, while cleaning up the codebase and ensuring that it remained practically the same feature-wise.
Without his work, you wouldn't be able to enjoy the ReplayMod on current versions!

The Future
The development of the ReplayMod is very time-consuming, so we're looking to make it more sustainable with your support! We hope you enjoy the ReplayMod as much as we do, and are incredibly thankful for your contribution ❤️

- Marius and Johni
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