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- I will send you a post card while on tour 

- download all of my past albums (pre 2018)
-  special email updates that will include poems, art, lyrics, songs and stuff I am working on!
- patron only exclusive polls, updates, streams & videos!

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About Richard Garvey



My name is Richard Garvey.

My life goal is to sing songs with people. It’s simple I like to write songs and sing them with people. Patreon is a great platform that will enable people who enjoy my music to contribute financially so I can create new content, videos, songs and albums.

CONTENT : I will create videos of myself singing songs with people. Some of them will be funny, sad, satirical, political, personal and songs of all kinds. I see an endless list of possible special locations, guest stars, requested songs, co-writes and more!

SWEET REWARDS : This patreon is an invitation to enjoy my music, stories and videos first. As well as lots of exclusive live streams, blog posts, inside scoop about the process and rewards to be revealed as we go!

BECAUSE YOU ENJOY! I recently have stopped asking people to support me/my music. If you enjoy my music, songs, performances then pitch in the money and take part.

MORE ABOUT MY STORY! When I was a kid. I remember actually dreaming about singing songs with people and being on stage. I grew up not knowing that becoming a musician was a possibility. I was discouraged by guidance counselors and lots of people from pursuing a career in the arts. I studied psychology at Laurier. I would say that I hated it. I got quite depressed and started writing lots of songs. At first they we’re all just really sad. About 2008 I discovered I could be writing a song about something really sad and shift my perspective to be more hopeful and positive. Singing songs, writing and playing music helped me a lot. Around the same time I made a bunch of friends and we had a sweet informal choir called “The Radical Choir”. The choir was like family and we sang songs at all kinds of events and rallies. These folks we’re awesome friends and singers and we sang a lot of classics by Cat Stevens, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Joni Mitchell. Folkie-political-songs. Kind of like the ones I was writing. I had started playing my own shows/recording around the same time with lots of encouragement . One song “Like A tree” kind of caught on and people always sang-a-long with the chorus and bridge “Oh to be rooted lalala lalala on mother earth”. One particular Rad-choir performance I remember the event organizer talking about being rooted and how that meant to be radical. And then the whole choir sang the song together in this organic unrehearsed way and it sounded so good... one of my favourite musical memories. So that is why I love sing-a-longs. Currently I’ve been working as a touring musician and recording albums. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve played so many shows, festivals and tours I’ve lost track. I’ve shared the stage with juno awarding winning artists and artists playing their first show. With the help of this patreon I released my new album "You can't just assume everyone wants to have sex with you". I’ve also somehow become a music promoter / booking agent / mentor. In about 10 years I’ve booked/promoted ~700 shows → mostly at Cafe Pyrus, Boathouse & TWB brewery. I have helped several young artists start booking shows, making videos, recording and touring. I love music and want to make it better for all people. I also love the world and want to make the world better for all of life. Music is the ticket. Self-expression is key. More stories and rambles soon!
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With the support of 100 people I can release my new album & afford to get it professionally mixed, mastered and have the support of publicist. 
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