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Rick South

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About Rick South

Hi! My name is Rick, but you probably know me as Serilum. Born in the Netherlands and nowadays often found abroad. I've travelled through Europe in a self-built campervan and am planning to move to Scandinavia in the near future. I tend to feel more at home in a calm environment, but have visited my fair share of cities. In my ideal future I'd be creating a self-sufficient homestead in nature, while staying connected to the world via the internet. I think this is also what has initially drawn me towards Minecraft and its easily accessible creative freedom.

I've been programming for over a decade now, with my first few baby steps into the digital languages within the Bukkit framework in Java. After that I've worked on automation scripts, websites and game design. I've come full circle with the current development of Minecraft mods for Forge and Fabric, which are also in the Java programming language. I wouldn't have it any other way!

The first mod I created was called Just Mob Heads, on the 5th of May 2018. Little did I know this would be the start of an incredibly educational journey in modding. With many moments of inspiration and some creative blocks, it has had a big influence on my current life. Some ideas came passively throughout a day of work, some while being in nature and others took some more research to surface. It seems like there is always a piece of me dedicated towards another (hopefully) useful new mod for the collection, or thoughts on improving those already existing.

With now both Forge and Fabric being supported, my goal is to have something useful ready for everyone. Whether it's a tool to give new players specific items, a way to display a welcome message, new design features or changing gameplay features. I hope you'll find what you are looking for.

All my mods are available for free, and always will be. I'm fortunate to have received messages of people sharing their gratitude for the released mods and asking for ways to support me. While downloading anything and sharing it with friends is already enough, sponsoring allows those who want to take a step further to do so.

The money will primarily go towards keeping the lights on in day-to-day life, through paying for rent and foodstuff. I've also got a few monthly expenses for programs needed for my development setup, such as server hosting and software subscriptions. Being able to provide for family via modding in the future would be absolutely awesome. Basically any donation would come down to me being able to spend more time programming. Which means more mods and content for you, the community.

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Any one sponsor is greatly appreciated, and motivates me immensely to create more content.
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