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About Rim and AB

Hello friends. Rim and AB here, hosts of the Rosecast, the #1 Bachelor recap podcast hosted by a male interracial best friend duo. Many (okay...a few) of you have asked for "more Rim and AB." Well now you can have just that in the form of our new podcast, More Rim and AB!, available exclusively to our Patrons.

Whether you're a new listener or a longtime member of Rosecast Nation, you’re no doubt aware of our tendency to get sidetracked by non-Bachelor topics — movies, other TV shows, old stories/tall tales, sports contests, the occasional topical news event, etc. We’re creating More Rim and AB! and this Patreon page to give those discussions a happy home.

(If you enjoyed our old show, Rim and AB (formerly known as the Rimcast),you should expect the same quality [?] banter and chemistry, but more consistently and with actual preparation. You’re paying hard-earned money for this product, after all.)

Podcast segments include, but are not limited to:
  • AB's Parenting Tip of the Week
  • Power Rankings
  • Rim Busts
  • Movie reviews (if we get a million Patrons we may be able to convince AB to watch Troop Beverly Hills)
  • Some TV talk, including The Challenge, Big Brother, and whatever else strikes our fancy at the moment.
  • ...and more!

If this sounds like the type of audio content you’re interested in walking your dog to, we’d be honored if you joined us for some laughs and levity each week for the low, low price of $4 a month in perpetuity.*

And there’s no telling what the future of this page may bring. Video restaurant reviews using the fabled and trusted Rim Scale? A live stream of our next footrace? Who knows! The tier benefits aren’t set in stone, okay folks. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading this far. We hope to be in your ears again soon.

Rim and AB


*Obviously you’re free to cancel your patronage at any time, I’ve just always wanted to demand a royalty in perpetuity like Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank.

If you have any questions about Patreon, how to sign up, or just want to say hi, send us an email at [email protected].

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