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About Tobias

Hi! I'm Tobias (or rixx) and I'm creating open source software. I also do work in open source communities: I contribute code and documentation to projects, I help with issue triage, I give presentations, and I publish live notes from conferences I attend.

To keep some semblance of a work-life-balance, I read (a lot), and post reviews on and GoodReads.

What do I do?

I'll try to keep this list up to date with all the public things I do (public good, I hope, but I'll leave the judgement up to you).
  • I build pretalx (talk management for conferences).
  • I build byro (membership management for clubs and associations).
  • I'm one of the two administrators of the Mastodon instance
  • I regularly share my experience in running community events with people who tackle their first or second event.
  • I give presentations on matters I'm knowledgeable about, like Python, Django, and git.
  • I also write blog posts about these things.
  • I contribute to Django, both by the occasional PR, and by triaging tickets, helping people through the PR process, and answering questions.
  • Guilty pleasure: I read. A lot. And I write reviews about those books, and I recommend them to others where appropriate.

What's the money for?

The money's for me, muuuhaha! No, really: I'm working as a freelance software developer, and spending most of my free time with and on open source communities can take its toll. I'm working towards having more time for this in general, and being on Patreon and liberapay seems like a good step towards that goal. This also means that while part of the money will go to on-topic costs (like servers, conference attendance, or books), other parts will go towards making sure that I can continue doing this without burning out on it (like ice cream, or books, or running gear).

Transparency notes

pretalx, my biggest open source project, is the only one I try to monetize by way of hosting offers. No part of it is closed source, though, and I support self-hosted versions both via advice and documentation.

If you're uncomfortable with donating on Patreon (either due to the platform, or because you just want to send me a one-off donation), I have alternative donation options.
$9.94 of $100 per month
I'll spend two additional hours per month on an open-source project that is not my own (probably Django), to triage tickets, submit patches, work on documentation, etc.
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