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is creating Neon Tail, an Open-World adventure roller skating game

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Tier 1

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reward item
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Tier1(1$): Thank you for your patronage, we will keep on working hard to bring you the best game we can!
  • Exclusive Discord server role "City Helper"
  • Unlock Patreon exclusive blog posts
  • Exclusive Discord channels (for items and side mission requests)
  • Access to Beta build (with all characters unlocked)

  • Discord專屬身分組(City Helper)
  • Discord專屬頻道(飾品以及支線任務提案)
  • Patreon貼文解鎖
  • 可在Steam上遊玩beta版本(可操作不同腳色進行遊戲)
Includes Discord benefits

Tier 2

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reward item
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Tier2($5):Thank you for your patronage, we will keep on working hard to bring you the best game we can!
  • All Tier 1 content
  • Exclusive Discord server role "city builder"
  • Your name on a monument in the game
  • Monthly release of 2 character figurines OBJ file for 3D print

  • Tier1所有內容
  • Discord專屬身分組(city builder)
  • 您的名字將被刻印在遊戲城市中的廣場區石碑上面
  • 每個月釋出2個遊戲中玩偶的OBJ檔案,您可以試著將它們3D列印出來

Includes Discord benefits

Tier 3

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reward item
per month
Tier3($20):Thank you for your big patronage, we will keep on working hard to bring you the best game we can! Also you are awesome!
  • All Tier 2 content
  • Exclusive Discord server role "city creator"
  • Have a middle sized rocket into the sky. It explodes into a firework with your name on it
  • Have 1 billboard in the city to put your logo on

  • Tier2所有內容
  • Discord專屬身分組(city creator)
  • 遊戲裡將一座小型火箭發射器,會將您的名字射向空中
  • 您可以選擇在城市中的1個廣告板面上,放置您專屬的LOGO
Includes Discord benefits




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About Rocket Juice Games

Hi, and thanks for checking out our project!

We're Rocket Juice Games, a small indie game studio of 3 people, based in Taiwan.
We worked on the project since 2018 January on an almost non existent budget, taking a few side jobs to keep going. Neon Tail is on Steam via Early Access, and free demo is available.
Our Patreon page will help us create our game, Neon Tail, create more content, make monthly builds for you to try, and create in depth video devlogs.
If you decide to become a patron, we can't thank you enough for your contribution and will make sure you will have the best rewards we could provide to you.
As long as you have ever supported this project, your name will be in the final release in a special monument for all the Patrons.
Steam page   Discord   Twitter    Facebook

Steam page  Discord  Twitter  Facebook

$190.07 of $2,000 per month
If we hit 2000$, we will be able to focus 100% of our energy on making our game. We won't need to look for side jobs to sustain ourselves.

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