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In addition to my lovely spam in your inbox, you also get access to the BabyDragon and BabyGryphon whitebox build guides - updated as often as I can afford to!
Now with vSphere 7 on AMD RYZEN. Yep. Up to 16 cores of Won't PSOD virtualization for less than $1500.
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Get everything in those other tiers and the ability to get an answer direct from the expert what that noise your computer is making means, and why your car slows down after you leave it turned on for a long time.
... wait. I may have gotten those questions backwards.
(Note: I can't always answer all car questions. But I always will do the research and be honest if I can't answer confidently.) 
This also includes The Secret Cellar of RootWyrm where I write my notes and reviews of craft beers. (I try a different craft beer every night.) Find out about amazing beers you probably can't get. :(
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  • The Super-Sekrit Discord
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About Phillip "RootWyrm" Jaenke

I make the things that make the Internet work, like:
  • dns_docker - high performance authoritative and recursing DNS for mortals. In containers.
  • - the world's only active-privacy public resolver
  • DNSecure - the world's most advanced DNS solution, period
  • ... and I am the only legal and authoritative source for the BabyDragon and BabyGryphon series of virtualization whitebox designs
I also make things that make the Internet suck less, like:
  • TaleCaster - really freaking advanced media management
  • rootcore - which is really just a bunch of my random tools, but hey, people like 'em.
  • Mono and .NET stuff for FreeBSD and Alpine Linux
And I will also talk your ear off about cars, car repair, and automotive engineering.

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