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About Che Webster

Hello! I'm Che "Peter" Webster and I host the Roleplay Rescue podcast which you can listen to via Acast, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Podbean, Radio Public, Spotify, and Stitcher. 

I started roleplaying way back in the early 1980s. As a geeky high school student who was bullied by all the “cool” kids, I took shelter among a group of like-minded teenagers who liked to create heroic characters, explore forgotten dungeons, and roll funny-looking dice.

Nowadays, I get out of bed every day as a high school teacher - and that is something that makes anyone who knew me back in the 1980s laugh out loud. I enjoy life because I get to create communities of discovery in which people can feel accepted. My subject is Religious Studies and my classroom is a place filled with questions, ideas, and calls for evidence. I love it! But it’s just one way in which I can create a series of communities in which people can discover more about themselves. It’s simply a vehicle for me to help people feel accepted.

Here’s the thing that bugs me: over the years, I’ve watched dozens of friends and acquaintances drift away from the hobby they enjoyed because they simply couldn’t carve out the space it seemed to ask of them. This has left me with fewer players at my own gaming table, certainly, but it has also left me feeling really concerned about the whole situation. The truth is that we all need space for play. We all need to blow off steam and have a few laughs with friends. We are social animals, after all. I’ve been asking myself what to do about it.

Roleplay Rescue was born out of my desire to create a new community in which people can rediscover the love of adventure gaming. I want to reach out to anyone who used to play and invite them to find a route back to the gaming table. If you’ve been out of the hobby for a while, I want you to know that you are not alone. There are loads of people just like you out there and it’s time we found a way to connect you to each other.

I want you to come and join the Roleplay Rescue community. Over the first two years of airing, the podcast has attracted an encouraging number of regular listeners. The fans have made call-ins and shared their feedback, helping me to find the courage to keep going. It was fans who suggested that I begin to keep my Dungeon Master’s Diary, airing an audio journal of my struggles as a Dungeon Master. Fans have also asked questions and raised deeper questions that have led to new episodes on topics I'd never considered.

Your support will help me to keep reaching lost gamers and create even more content! Roleplay Rescue will remain a free podcast no matter what - I want to assure you of that! Membership pledges will support me to record more content. I've had requests from folk who want to learn about setting up clubs as well as interest from GMs who want to dig deeper into the gaming approaches I've outlined in the episodes so far. Building a membership scheme allows me to offer the special bonus content that meets those needs. It’ll also be an antidote to that feeling of being an imposter that plagues me every time I sit down and press record.

Thanks for checking this out and considering supporting the show. Have a look at the tiers on offer and select the level that best suits your budget. Game on!
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Let’s try this popular goal again: I will approach and invite a further Tabletop Roleplaying Luminary onto the show for an interview. Even better than that, I will first run a Patron-only poll to decide which Luminary to approach. Once we have a target guest, I will stick my neck out and invite them onto the show. Of course, if they say no, well... that’ll be on them, but I’ll happily run a second poll and so on, keeping going until someone the Patrons want says yes.
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