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About Sam Kalensky


Hello there! My name is Samkalensky! I'm an artist from Vancouver BC Canada who enjoys drawing with vivid colours, punchy line work, dynamic frames, chaotic compositions, and slick and silly smears! – I annually table at our local conventions & events and have done so since 2010. My favorite things to draw are food, folklore and games! – In a nutshell: Pledging here means supporting me doing what I love, such as: My Artwork, Twitch Streams, Tables at Events, Merch, Original Projects, Comics & Much More! 

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::[Hyakki Yagyo: Night Parade of 100 Demons.]::
• [
Part 1] • Part 2 • Part 3 • Part 4 • Part 5 •
Part 3 coming this summer!!

I'm also making a 5 part Zine series all about Yokai, folktales, legends and monsters from Japan. My goal is to draw 100+ stickers based off these legends [As of 2021 I have achieved that goal!] – Part 1 can be bought any my etsy shop here. – Supporting me here will get you early bios and high res pics of the youkai as I draw them. <3

::[Original Comic Series @LandfishComic]::
-[on hiatus 'Til COVID ends]-
Preview: Landfish and Shark: All You Can Eat - [Cover] -
Pages: [
1.] [2.] [3.] [4.] -  Issue #1 is %75 Complete![LandFish and Shark is an episodic tale about a duo of hungry vagabond friends as they scramble on a journey around the world to find the 'Best Place Ever' to eat! From greasy diner joint to five star restaurants, they leave a trail of utter chaos and disgruntled servers in their wake, consuming everything they can while escaping The Fuzz! In Episode #1 "All you can eat" Fish and Shark dine at he supposed 'all you can eat meat' restaurant called "The Fatbull" while stressing out a poor waitress named "Able."] I post my comic here as frequently as I can, posting the pages the moment I consider them to be finished!]

Want more of me? you can also find me & my work on...
Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | FacebookShop | Portfolio ]
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Contact me: if you have any questions/Inquiries:
"[email protected]"
Thank you for reading!! If you have any questions please dont be shy to contact me!!

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• When we reach a steady flow of $400/monthly:
I'll start producing Enamel pins, Acrylic charms & More new Clothing/Apparel. – [AKA: Stuff you can't make on your own.] - I'm already planning to make some limited CatSup Enamel Pins to go with Book 1 of LandFish. – But: reaching this goal would put these style of items into my regular rotation! - [I'll add a couple new Club reward tiers to reflect these specific items!](Please note: my Badges and Stickers will always be handmade in house & designed by me, I have no plans to change that!<3) – I'll also add a quarterly option for animated doodles to the doodle club! like so:
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