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Thanks! A lot! I really mean it. I can make a dollar go a long way. That is like 100 surface mount resistors. - You get access to my Patron only stuff!
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Ads can be a pain, but they do support my work a bit, so I enable them on my YouTube videos.  If you do this reward, I encourage you to turn on an Ad-Blocker for my channel and videos. Your pledge will help way more than the ad money I would have received. 


 All previous rewards as well. 

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Behind the scenes content, raw, less edited stuff. I will show off some stuff between my long projects. There is also extra discord access to some private channels discussing future and current projects. 

All previous rewards as well.
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About Sean Hodgins

Hey, I'm Sean Hodgins. I am a maker, a builder, and a creator. I like to work with electronics, metal, wood, and just about anything I can get my hands on. - I have started a Patreon because I want to continue to create and develop my open source projects and make them available to everybody, for free. 
Most of my projects are presented in the form of a video, and then I provide the resources to build it yourself on various websites. Because of my belief in open access to knowledge, patrons will receive the same information and project files as everyone else. However, patrons will occasionally get early access images, behind the scenes, and other things of that sort, just to show my appreciation.

By supporting me and my projects I will be able to continue coming up with new and interesting ideas that you and your friends will be able to learn to make.
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I will purchase a Laser Cutter!
I have been putting off buying a laser cutter for some time now. I'm not great at making large purchases and the laser cutters I'm looking at are around $2500 to $3500US. If we hit this goal, the next day I will actively decide on and soon after purchase a laser cutter. I've used them for so many projects when I had access to one, and they are an amazing tool for the workshop(I consider them on par with a 3D printer). I would love to start creating open source projects that utilize laser cutters. Lets do it!
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