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For those that want to support the upkeep of my bot(s) but don't want to break the bank.
Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support

Single-Purpose Bot

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Want a custom discord bot for your own server, but know nothing about programming? Buy a discord bot from me and I'll customize it to your liking. Please fully read this box before purchasing!

By paying for this tier of Patreon, you are confirming that you would like a bot created for you by me. You are required to join my support discord in order for me to fulfill your request to your desire.

Your Discord Bot will only be online so long as you keep paying for your Patreon. Once you stop paying for this tier, do not expect your bot to stay online much longer. It costs money to keep bots alive, along with developing and maintaining them.

This tier, unlike the $30 "Buy A Bot" tier is for a single-purpose bot, one that's not expected to receive updates other than bug fixes and minor tweaks (such as text being changed).

Example Single-Purpose Bots:

  • Reaction Role bot (set a role to a user when they react to a message)
  • Giveaway bot (Create an embedded message for a giveaway that runs for so long, and/or allow entries to be logged for a given period)
  • ModMail bot (users dm the bot to talk to the mods)
  • and more, just ask!

Contact me on discord should you have any questions before purchasing this tier.
Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support
  • Bot Commission

Mega Bot Supporter

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Gain access to the beta features of See-Bot and help keep it afloat! Beta access includes testing new features and a special line of feedback so your input can help directly improve the life of the bot!
Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support
  • Beta Access




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About HighHowDoIPlay

Who I Am:

I'm a computer and enthusiast at heart, and have been ever since picking up my first controller as a kid. RuneScape got me into the world of online gaming, and from there I begun my journey as a self-taught programmer once I learned about the technology behind the game: Java.
Since then I've delved into many different languages, created hundreds of various tools, and expanded my knowledge every day.
Now, I mostly spend my time creating Discord Bots for various servers, my pride and joy being See-Bot, a Fortnite-Discord bot used in over 100+ servers by over 35 thousand members*.

What I Do:

Currently, I make customized discord bots with features ranging from custom commands to, well, whatever the client wants :). The fun is in trying to make it work even with the technical limitations that are presented. Discord isn't the only platform I work with, I have tools for Reddit and Twitter, and have also written my own for services such as Trello, Reddit, RuneScape, Epic Games Blog, and many more.


What better way to show what I've done than some media?
Fortnite Profile via Discord Command:

Fortnite Ventures Profile via Discord Command:

Reactive Discord Embeds to help with finding players (LFG/Looking For Group):

Image manipulation (combining, cropping, resizing, recoloring, etc):

And oh, so much more... I don't think patreon has enough space for all the possibilities ;)

Ending Notes

I'm really bad at the whole "describe yourself" and "advertising" aspect, but don't let that fool you when it comes to my skills as a programmer. My focus has always been writing code, and not so much art/design. The two skills are not mutually exclusive, but I only focused on the one.

Supporting my patreon will help me be able to continue learning new skills and further my programming career, and help keep my projects alive for the foreseeable future :).
*approximated based on member count shown in all servers, this statistic may not be accurate due to channel following, inactive users, etc.
$30 - reached! per month
Monthly Upkeep of See-Bot.

This goal is to cover the overall costs of See-Bot each month. This includes the VPS and Website the bot uses to run it's services. Hitting this goal will ensure the bot stays online for the forseeable future.
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