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About Minecraft Server 26

2021 Update: Server is still going! The text below is just old cause I did not yet got around to update it. Server is going for 6 Years now
Server 26
is a minecraft server which was started with a group of friends. Now after three years rarely someone showed up. That is why we decided to open the server to the public. The map never has been reset. And this won't change.
You may ask why you would want to start playing on a map where a small group has already played/build for two years? Well, we spend a few months on setting up a spawn city and a bit of infrastructure. Everything (including spawn has been build in survival) Server 26 vaunts a real economy in a sense of that every Item has been legitimately farmed and every blocks has been legitimately placed. There are no chest shops. People trade with each other.
We only have a few selected deviations from vanilla such as protection of infrastructure and player builds, player trade chests, as well as one-player sleep and a few gamerules. We wanted the server to stay very close to the raw vanilla minecraft experience.

The server can run on minimum capacity without extra funding and will always do so as long as we can. But the minimum might no be enough one day for our own pockets and we appreciate every support we get. Thats why we turned to Patreon. If you like the server and and want to ensure its continued existence you can support it by becoming a patron. The Funding will be used to pay for more powerful server hardware to ensure a smooth gaming experience for all players.

Disclaimer: Pledging will not result in any ingame advantage hence this would be against the Mojang EULA and the spirit of this server.

The Server 26 Team is a voluntary group of people who maintain and take care for the server in their free time.


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