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Access to all my Patreon-only blog posts. I'll be talking a lot about art-as-business, as well as providing lots of behind-the-scenes insight into my creative work process and workspaces.
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Ask me anything about my work. I tend to be really open about my processes anyway, but I get that it can feel awkward to ask someone you don't know very specific questions about their sources, materials, business expenses, etc. I'll prioritize your questions about art, publishing, sculpting, etc., and answer them honestly and directly without being evasive or coy.

In addition, if you give me your address, you may randomly receive a postcard in the mail from my travels, or featuring my art!

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  • Postcards, strange fortunes, letters, cards, and/or limited prints(and other paper things that ship flat), sent to you in the mail on a 1-2 month basis, as they are made. Some notes may be from gnomes, or fish.
  • Small notes telling you what I’ve been doing, and little encouragements for your day.




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About Shing Yin Khor

Hi! My name is Shing Yin Khor, and I'm a cartoonist, installation artist, and creator of immersive experiences and keepsake games. I make art, in several different mediums, around immersive narratives of collecting and categorizing, travel and creating identity, and awkward human emotions. I am especially interested in stories at the intersection of race, gender, and the immigrant diaspora. You can find out more about my work, and read most of my comics, on my portfolio.

Becoming one of my patrons will give you a look into my process and work, including my weird tangents, my failures and disappointments, and my strange experiments. I look forward to showing you all of the things I love playing with. I make a lot of art(I have a short attention span), and I am constantly looking for ways to integrate activism and play into my work.
Here are my current and recently completed projects, that Patreon helped to fund!
Immersive Installation Art, and Keepsake Games:

Salvage Station No. 8 was built in collaboration with Beam Camp, a summer camp that teaches kids how to build things! It was an immersive installation featuring multiple rooms and really detailed props and ephemera contributed by over 100+ adults and kids.

The Last Apothecary
is an immersive haunted house space apothecary installation. It is a narrative about an outer colony space apothecary obsessed with Old-Earth, and also about the persistence of ritual, the space immigrant diaspora, and the obsessive nature of archiving and collecting. It was installed at Burning Man 2016.

Specimens is an ongoing sculptural series, including curiosity cabinets and displays, and a photographic series of strange beasts in the wild, photographed in national parks across America.

The Gentle Oraclebird is a kind and gentle fortune telling system that performs in unexpected places.

A Mending is a solo story-building and keepsake game about two friends who have been parted for some time, using sewing, embroidery, and map-marking mechanics.

Field Guide to Memory, with Jeeyon Shim, is a solo journalling keepsake and connected path game about legacy, wonder, cryptids and the vastness of a human life.

Comics and Illustration:

Thanks to my Patreon subscribers, all my comics can be downloaded for free at my Gumroad site or are available for free by default. In addition, I frequently post smaller autobiographical comics as Patreon exclusives. 

Curiosity Americana is a series at Catapult where I explore icons, roadside attractions, and various objects of Americana as part of my effort to find and assert my place as an immigrant within this country’s mythos.

Center for Otherworld Science is an ongoing comic about interpersonal relationships in a cryptozoological institute.

Tiny Adventure Journal is a travelogue comic. It's where I document my love for cheap travel, weird museums, national parks, Paul Bunyan statues, abandoned places, most animals that are not ostriches, and odd Americana.

Resist: A collection of art released for free(under a Creative Commons license) around the theme of political resistance. All pay-what-you-can proceeds go to a non profit working to overturn discriminatory and unconstitutional restrictions on immigration in the United States.

Experimental Art and Art Activism:

Patreon supports a lot of work that I do not get paid for. Some of this involves my silly and playful experimental tech art, such as the TenderDnD Twitter bot, which populates a world full of kind, queer and gentle characters and NPCs. Other projects include the Gentle Oraclebird bot, and my shitty fortune generator! It also funds Space Gnome Mercantile, a trade-by-mail program for my Patreon subscribers. It has also allowed me to work on endurance art projects like painting the Statue of Liberty 40 times in 10 hours to raise money for the ACLU, and #resistancecranes, in collaboration with two dear friends of mine, where we've raised $20,000 for the National Immigration Law Center, RAICES and International Rescue Committee by folding 1000 cranes in 24 hours in 2017 and 2018. I am also a co-founder of Project Pizza, with my friend Eron Rauch, which has raised over $18,000 over three years for a local food non-profit, Food Forward. Sometimes, this work leads to some accidental fundraising, like the almost $200,000 I raised for voting rights organizations in Georgia with this Four Seasons Total Landscaping Gritty T-Shirt.

About the Rewards:

The Dustbear Quarterly:
A thoughtfully curated quarterly box of the work I’ve been doing that season, which will usually include zines, limited edition prints, postcard sets, new pins and other merch, other experimental art or delightful objects, as well as longer graphic novels and other projects I’ve been working on.

It also includes:

  • A quarterly letter explaining what I’ve been up to, what I am thinking about, and the ups and downs of my life as an artist who's trying their best.
  • Everything in the MAIL DAY subscription!

The MAIL DAY Subscription:
This subscription means that you will receive flat objects in the mail, including postcards, strange games or divinations, and/or limited prints, sent to you in the mail on a monthly basis, as they are made. These may include small notes telling you what I’ve been doing, little encouragements for your day, Oraclebird fortunes, one page games, or messages from gnomes or fish.

$800 - reached! per month
I will create and maintain websites for The Center for Otherworld Science, and Tiny Adventure Journal, so the comics can be read easily online(easier than .pdf downloads)!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 261 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 261 exclusive posts

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