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About Zeke Sikelianos

Hello, world. 👋

I'm Zeke Sikelianos, an open source software developer. Programmer. Hacker. 💻

I've been building the web for half my life, and contributing to open source for about ten years. Happy birthday, GitHub! 🎂

I've been fortunate to work at companies like Heroku, npm, and GitHub, where I've built and maintained many successful, large-scale, open-source projects. If you've ever deployed a Node.js app to Heroku, viewed a page on the npm website, or built an Electron app, you've felt the effects of my work in some way. 🍄

I'm a member of the Node.js Website and Internationalization working groups, and the Node.js Foundation, where I focus on making Node.js more accessible to a global audience of developers. 🌍

I'm a member of over 30 organizations on GitHub spanning many discplines: tools for understanding the world's languages, tools for working with color, tools for dissecting the npm registry, tools for improving developer workflows, and others. 🍻

I maintain over 250 node modules which are downloaded over 12 million times a month. That's 300 package downloads per minute! ⚡️

I also run several free websites and services:
  • ghub.io redirects npm package names to their GitHub, Gitlab, and Bitbucket repos
  • moby is English's largest thesaurus
  • npmhub helps you discover and explore node modules on GitHub
  • semver.io answers version questions about nodejs, npm, yarn, mongodb, and others
  • ord uses Wikipedia data to translate words between languages
To keep the wheels on this proverbial bus, I maintain a benevolent army of robots that help automate away the menial tasks. 🤖

While my employer may change every few years, my dedication to the open source community remains steady. I've been continuously supporting, hosting, financing, and expanding many of these projects for years, and plan to continue doing so in the years to come. ✊

If you want to help sustain my open source work, consider donating a few bucks per month.

Thank you!
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When I reach $100 per month, I will make a video about how I got there.
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