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is creating a job platform to connect you with companies without headhunter.

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About Norman Braun

I'm Norman and a growth hacker from Berlin (Germany). First of all, thank you for visiting me on Patreon! I’m doing a Patreon, because I want to spend more time with cool projects like With family and a job this is not possible (if you have kids, you know what I mean :)). This is why I try patreon and hope I can get enought support to have more time for those projects. Its a test if people would support another person (me :)) to do projects like skilllocate.

SkillLocate is a free platform, where people can be contacted by companies. No headhunter are allowed and you can only register, if you are invited by a friend. Even if there are costs for me, I want to make it free, because there are enough websites for employees and freelancer, where you have to pay. I never understood why, because everyone is interested in getting jobs and companies want employees or freelancers. So why isn't there a company which supports that? My goal is it to start the project and when it is big enough I want to find some sponsor companies for it. Or maybe i find some feature for big companies, what they CAN pay for. But even then, every company could get a account at skilllocate. But the companies should be big. No small companies allowed. That because of one point of the list, to avoid to have headhunter at SkillLocate. 

If you want to support me, I would be glad. Please only support me, if you really want to support this and other of my projects. Only give what you can give. And if you want to use for free, then this is ok. If you want, you can invite other people to SkillLocate. That helps me too. If you really want to support me, ... THANK YOU ... That helps me to do the things I love: "Cool Projects".


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