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The basics for a buck! A monthly WIP sneak peek, access to short stories, a Patron of the Snarky Arts badge for your site, a 50% off coupon for my online ebook shop, and ALL patrons get thanks in all my books for as long as they're patrons! 
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Everything from the previous level AND a monthly writing-related essay/rant.
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An e-copy of whatever I serialize for the year when it's complete; an ebook copy of Dial Vfor Vampire, a post-Oblivion story available (narrated by Zara Lain), immediately available for download; PLUS everything from the previous level.
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About Skyla Dawn Cameron

Who are you and why should I give you money?

I'm Skyla and my characters kill people so I don't have to, meaning I write books. Lots of them. Mostly urban fantasy and paranormal stuff, full of snark, action, sex, explosions, and gratuitous naughty words. Usually with Unlikable Female Characters™ who solve their problems with violence and coarse language. Sometimes with a saber-tooth cat sidekick named Sir Rodney Ballsgalore.

I like writing books. I would like to write more of them but a lot of my time ends up devoted to freelance graphic design, editing, and paid writing projects (that I dislike) because of rent and stuff. I'd like to make writing what I love a little more sustainable so I don't have to write as many things that make me want to set my hair on fire, and give you awesome stuff in the process.

You might also know me as the president of a not-for-profit that TNRs and rescues cats in our rural community, and my beloved bottle-fed babies #ThePsychKittens.

Where does the money go?

My primary goal with this is to pick up the cost of my monthly meds, at the moment.

So here's the thing: I got really sick a few years ago, and by "really sick" I mean I was bedridden for six months. It turned out to be an autoimmune disease that I'll have forever and ever, and now I need drugs.

Canada has free healthcare, right? Well, yeah, but that doesn't cover medication. I don't have a drug plan because hai, freelancer! ("Go get a job with benefits!" Right, I'll get right on that, because a chronically ill person is so employable.) So some guaranteed pennies a month going toward that would ease my mind a lot since I don't want to get sick again. Patreon supporters are directly responsible for keeping me well and able to write.

And of course THAT disease had a ripple effect and hit other areas of my health. More meds, more doctors, more expenses.

Next, it'll buy cat and dog food. I have a collection of wayward strays that require regular feedings or they will kill and eat me before my body is cold, and I'd like to prevent that from happening as I have books to write and can't do that when I'm dead. (Or maybe I COULD...hmm...) My pets are my family and the focus of a lot of my finances. And Shawn, my bottle-fed Psych Kitten, visits the vet a lot (that's him in the bowtie)

Beyond that? Patronage goes toward rent and keeping the lights on. The more of that stuff I can pay through funding from art patrons (you know that, right? You join and you are a patron of the arts, which is pretty damn cool), the more time I can devote to writing the stuff that I and my readers love. A toonie a month from you goes a long way for me.

Also, a bit of money goes to Patreon fees, PayPal/bank fees, etc. About 85-90% of your pennies come to me, though.

No joke: without Patreon, I would not be able to continue publishing books. Between crushing poverty and chronic illness, Livi Talbot has been able to continue due to the support of patrons.

Okay, so what do patrons get?

Stuff! Lots of stuff! See all the tiers for the breakdown!

Absolutely everyone, from $1+, is guaranteed three benefits: a monthly excerpt or access to a serialized story, credited in the acknowledgements of my next book, and access to my Discord server for weekly write-ins (and other shenanigans as they come up).

Due to heavy piracy and low sales of Blood Ties, the Elis O'Connor series was all but dead. But because I have Patreon as an option, her future books will be serialized exclusively here. 

Her third novel is due to start June 2022!

What DON'T I get?

You don't get to tell me what to write. I love hearing from readers, I love knowing what you like about my work, but supporting the work doesn't mean being able to dictate what I do and do not work on, or how certain plots work out. This means Nate and Ellie are not going to hook up, sorry.

You don't get my firstborn child. Sorry, Rumpelstiltskin, but I am wise to you now.

You don't get one of my cats named after you. Unless you have a REALLY cool name. Like Balthazar.

My obligations to patrons are spelled out pretty clearly here. Please do not overstep and creep me out. That's not cool.

Okay, I'm a patron. How do I claim my stuff?

Some things you can download right away, as soon as you're signed up as a patron. Other things will be mailed to your door. If I need something from you, I tend to message through Patreon. Please ensure there's a valid, working email and shipping address for physical items.  (You can tell me you don't want physical items and I won't bug you with them.)

Also, after nearly five years, I finally had to institute a "Charge Upfront" policy for new pledges after someone abused the system in August 2019. I didn't want to, we are. Pledge-dodges and thieves are blocked from pledging in the future, because it's pretty shitty to download things without paying for them from anyone let alone a chronically ill woman living in poverty who rescues kittens. It also puts my ability to publish in jeopardy. Please do not steal from me.

You will not receive any unsolicited mail from me. Not even a newsletter--if you want that,  head here to sign up.

Please also note that you are responsible for ensuring your payments are processed. When your payments are not going through, you lose access to things. Patreon notifies patrons if there's a payment problem. If I'm sending out rewards (ebooks, print books) and your payments are not up to date, you won't receive copies. If you cancel or have a declined payment when I'm creating the acknowledgements page for a book release, your name will not be included. 

Wait, you'll seriously go back to Demons of Oblivion if you reach $1500/month?

Hey, I can live on that monthly combined with some freelance on the side, so: YEP. Do I think I'll meet it? Not this decade, but it helps to have goals. This does not mean I will formally publish those Demons of Oblivion novels that were previously canceled, but I will absolutely write them and make them available for Patrons of Snark. There are at least five more after Oblivion's conclusion. It'll also allow me to prioritize the Livi Talbot novels as well as other works.

Otherwise, the sustainability goal of $1000 means I can better prioritize my writing to 2-3 devoted workdays a week, as writing currently doesn't generate enough for me to live on. Right now, I have to schedule time off of freelancing to write, which is limiting. To justify time off of freelancing, which I typically have done five days a week, I figure I need to make $100/day to take a day off to solely focus on writing. Hitting $400/month at Patreon has meant one day a week solely focused on writing (in addition to the usual evenings and weekends, which I don't always have the energy for due to illness). So more income from Patreon means more days off a week to write, and I could be producing more books a year if it ever goes higher.

In the meantime, there are still fun things for download, all of them exclusive to Patreon backers. 

West Club

For fans of the character Dale West from the Livi Talbot novels, at $10+ you (usually) get a secondly monthly snippet, and it'll be entirely about West as well as immediate access to his other stories. His prequel novel, Tiger's Memory, is now available for download. It's about his first solo assignment for the agency, his first girlfriend, and how it goes very badly for him on both counts. Needless to say, his POV stories are super spoilery for future books in the Livi series, so readers are sworn to secrecy!

What Patrons Helped Produce in 2021

Because of Patreon...I was able to continue the Elis O'Connor series with Season of the Bitch and Witch Hunt.
Because of Patreon...I was able to revise and release Yampellec's Idol and write Charon's Gold.
Because of Patreon...I was able to write some new standalones for fun, Dweller on the Threshold and Watcher of the Woods.
Because of Patreon...I was able to finally complete the first book in the Waverly Jones mystery series, The Killing Beach, and write the sequel, A Wild Kind of Darkness.
Yes, I wrote the books, but Patreon support has given me the time to write them. I've been able to cut back freelancing by one day a week to focus on writing instead, and that is 100% you guys. Livi Talbot and Elis O'Connor have lived on specifically because of you!

$542.57 of $1,000 per month
What this means: SUSTAINABILITY. Hitting this lofty, unlikely milestone means I can cut back freelancing to two days a week and spend the other three on writing, and I'll be able to continue publishing the Livi Talbot series after book seven.
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