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About Snow McNally

The Big Project
Little Witch Story is a visual novel I've been working on ever since 2014, on and off. It started as a twine game with a tiny budget and has grown into a creative project that's been rebooted and reworked more times than I care to admit. It's been shuffled and upturned and edited mostly because when I started it, I just wanted to make a game embracing queerness. As time went on, my relationship with queerness has changed, evolved, and my understanding of queer theory has changed and evolved. Every time I've felt like LWS has been what I want it to be, what I want it to be has changed.
On top of that, of course, has been trying to balance writing an entire VN while working full time and dealing with pretty severe depression and anxiety. Or the times that I've dealt with unemployment, the threat of homelessness, poor physical health and fatigue and an extended housing situation that both triggered and left me with additional PTSD. On top of that, I've only recently been diagnosed with ADD at the grand old age of 31, and as I look back on my entire life I'm only now seeing all the ways that's affected and impacted me.
Now I'm stably employed, mentally healthy, effectively medicated and have a solid relationship with my style of work, focus and planning. So here comes what I am confident is the home stretch of LWS, with me finally giving myself permission to be fully On My Bullshit, a reworked art style and an entirely unknown timeline because who needs that stress? Not me, turns out.
Little Witch Story will be my main creative focus until it's done, but it's not all I'm excited about.

I absolutely love GM-ing tabletop games, but every game, without fail, I find myself reworking and homebrewing to suit my (and my players') particular tastes. And so I've started creating my own systems, perfectly catered to my exact desires. I have three systems in various stages of completion:
1. Apocrypha. An extension of the world built for a current campaign, it's a Forged in the Dark genre mashup built around a city of countless contradictions, histories and aesthetics, all bleeding into one another.
2. Auspicious Rites. It's the tabletop system for the world of Little Witch Story, with a focus on improvisation, character exploration and a magical world.
3. The Shadows. A Forged in the Dark take on a Persona-inspired world, more or less, but with a much heavier queer focus.
Names not final.

Short Stories
I continually like to find time to stretch my creative muscles by writing short stories in a variety of genres and settings, and don't really have anywhere I feel like sharing them. My personal favourites (and thus most common stories) revolve around queer romance, science fiction, teen hijinks and magical fantasy.

I can't guarantee scheduled releases for any of this content, but it's all always happening and will regularly get shared. If you wanna help me keep doing these things, and get to see them before anyone else, your patronage will be exceedingly welcome and appreciated. 2021 is the year of my renaissance, I can feel it in my bones.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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