Oliver Brackenbury

is creating a behind-the-scenes podcast about writing his next novel.

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You'll get to listen to new episodes of So I'm Writing a Novel... a week earlier than everyone else, I'll give you a shout-out in the episode I record when you first sign-up, and sometimes I'll do a poll to help decide how to evolve this whole podcast/patreon project – which you get to vote in! This would be stuff like “Would you all be interested in live streamed writing sprints?” or “Should I add a new tier with 1-on-1 story consultations by yours truly?”

Support the Patreon for six months or more and you'll be named in the thanks section of the novel! (you can opt out of this, if you like)
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You'll get a bonus podcast, So I Wrote a Novel, where I read a chapter at a time from my first novel, Junkyard Leopard! I'll also share some thoughts at the end of each episode, on the writing of that chapter, what's changed with my technique since, and how it might connect to the new novel.

You'll also get irregular, bonus blog posts with images that help elaborate on podcast content, or cover stuff that's hard to discuss with just audio.

Support the Patreon for six months or more and you'll be named in the thanks section of the novel! (you can opt out of this, if you like)

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About Oliver Brackenbury

Hi! My name is Oliver and I'm creating a podcast called So I'm Writing a Novel..., a unique behind-the-scenes, one-man reality show sharing the experience of writing my next book, a sword & sorcery novel, from first ideas all the way through to publication. It's an experiment in building an audience for the book as I write it, an audience that I aim to make a fun online community for all involved, and an added incentive for a publisher to take a chance on the book when it's ready to submit!

It can be lonely writing a novel, and I'd love some company. Maybe, through the podcast, you'll join me?

I'm also launching this Patreon with the podcast, for those who might like to support my writing financially. Doing so can earn all kinds of bonus treats, including access to a whole second podcast where I read and provide commentary on chapters of my previous work, starting with my first novel, Junkyard Leopard.

Who might enjoy the podcast and the Patreon? May I suggest:
  • People who're curious what it's like to write a novel, or...

  • ...looking to write a novel of their own.

  • Fans of fantasy fiction and its sub-genres, across all mediums, not just books.

  • People who are interested in process, in “How Things Are Made” shows, in general.

  • People who like to patronize the arts, and get to know the artist they're patronizing, watching their skills & style evolve over time, being there for their victories and defeats.

  • People who'd enjoy a weekly, serialized audio-book podcast with behind-the-scenes commentary on each chapter. (Available through the So, I WROTE a Novel reward tier)

  • Everybody else except, like, Nazis. This is an inclusive thing!

If you'd like to hear me explain the podcast, the novel, and myself in greater detail, you can listen to the first episode right here.
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EPISODE TRANSCRIPTIONS: Thank you! Now I can pay for a transcription service, making the podcast more accessible.
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