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These rich transitional times require us to trust our wildest dreams and let our longing, our yearning for authenticity, reconnection, transformation and fulfilment, lead us.

I have this question trotting in my head from the famous Mary Oliver poem: "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Let me take you on a journey of inspiration, learning and un-learning, healing, life-affirming and playful exploration in exchange for an investment that can be as small or as large as you wish it to be. 

You are enough, I am enough. And 'enough is enough’!

Right now it's all hands-on-deck really, everyone is needed to be the embodiment of what they feel called to act upon, to speak out, to reveal of themselves in our relationship with each other, and the wider web of life on Mother Earth.

Deep, restorative, repairing and reclaiming is so needed and the task begins at home, in our bodies.

This Patreon platform is one of my answers to Earth ship's calls for me to BE more fully, to LISTEN, to OBSERVE, to wholeheartedly LOVE and OPEN myself to RECEIVE her love, and to SERVE her in the best ways I can.

I have been fed and transformed by Earth's wild abundance, and by so many creative, wise, spiritual, bold and unconventional seekers, writers, speakers, teachers; by so many enjoyable, enlivening, liberating and healing practices.

I feel called to give back what I have learned along the way and in turn feed your discovering, your unravelling, your revealing journey.

We are interconnected co-creators in this magic web of the living. We have been granted so many gifts: the matrix of life that is our body, our consciousness, our home and second womb: planet Earth, are really quite miraculous.

Let's nurture this connection for the sake of us, all of us sentient beings on this magnificent planet. Let's step into dreamtime, a place where all that's conventionally deemed ordinary becomes meaningfully sacred thanks to the power of words, the vision of our unleashed imagination. 

I was raised by the pen, books, a forest, a river, mountains and many dances and songs in a French country house where healing and teaching were prominent ways of being.

I am a nature-lover, a writer, a dancer, a teacher, a clothes designer, a journalist, and practise an alternative medicine called biodynamic craniosacral therapy in Greystones, a small town by the sea on the East coast of Ireland.

I have dived into the rich conscious dance pool 25 years ago, starting with Gabrielle Roth's Five Rhythms, and continuing with Open Floor and Movement Medicine. I am about to train to become a Movement Medicine conscious dance teacher.

On this platform, I come undone and reveal the alchemy of these different practices and creative expressions. I am inspired to sing my song and invite you to be my supporting echo and sing yours. The times we live in urge us all to emerge as the wildly creative offsprings that we are because we are the Earth's alchemy, we are its infinite beauty.

Inspiration is like the breath of life. In fact it means an inhalation in the tongue where I was born. Support me to inspire and stimulate the emergence of your song through my written meanderings, shared resources, wild prayer dances, and soulful spoken word explorations I call earth dreaming. 

I have begun my first book last November. Why only now you may ask? I am very much moved by a sense of emergency both because of the times we live in but also because of an actual physiological and spiritual emerging, a powerful inner energetic pull which I can no longer ignore. 

This book seeks to inspire and inform a return to a "commonage consciousness" as the late Irish philosopher John Moriarty calls it (Dreamtime). 

As it is a work of non-fiction it requires that I set time aside to research as well as write. Your patronage will also support the completion of this emergence made flesh and guarantee you a free copy. 

Know that I am doing all this out of love for Earth and Life. It’s true that I could simply gift it all and some of the contents are freely accessible. But all this takes time that I cannot devote to earning a living.

Your investment will give you access to all my patron-only posts.

So I am delighted to invite you to pledge whatever feels right and take a seat at the banquet.

There will be surprises along the way as I promise to go boldly where I have never been before and experiment and explore different media.

So let me engage and inspire you! 

Let yourself be en-chanted! 

Here are testimonials from a mentor and a dancer that will tell you better than I ever could, a bit more of what I am about:

"Sophie is a provocative and elegant truth seeker with an eye for detail. She cares for the environment and for social justice. If you ever get the chance to witness her dancing, you will experience a lively person full of creativity, curiosity, courage and caring."

Evangelos Diavolitis, Coach, Movement and Meditation teacher.

" Though I am a seeker of the authentic, of the sacred, it is rare that I meet a person that causes me to re-examine my version of me. Of the way it is. I first noticed Sophie in a Movement Medicine dance. Sophie draws you into her circle like a wild free wind.
 She bathes in the wildness of All That Is. Connecting creation with divine passion, purpose and curiosity. She inspires me to speak my truth. Unafraid of how it will be received. As the way of a tree branch. It goes where it will. Listening only to the divine.
In Sophie’s written words, I feel the mirror of her wild version of the world as it is. Clear, honest, perceptive, embracing, thoughtful, reflective.
I felt her powerful, still, interoceptive hands as I laid on her craniosacral table.  
On the dance floor, "keeping up with Sophie” has become a permission to embrace my own wildness and freedom.”

Carrie Branovan, Movement Medicine dancer and producer.

With love and gratitude

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