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Creating a weekly Bob Dylan podcast

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Workingman's Blues

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You'll help fund the weekly episodes but also have exclusive access to us as we record and go about trying to grow this podcast! You'll get all regular weekly episodes as soon as they're finished and You Wanna Ramble, our latest creation!

True Love Tends to Forget

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Not only will you help fund the weekly episodes, get that exclusive access, but you'll also see our Supplemental Series, Mixed Up Confusion and every other special episode before they're released!

Tight Connection to My Heart

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You'll, of course, help fund the weekly episodes, get that exclusive access, see our Supplemental Series and Mixed Up Confusion episode way before they're released...

But! You'll also get a shout out at the end of each episode and, depending on how popular this one gets, offer us suggestions for more Supplemental episodes, more Mixed Up Confusion's that feature artists that you love, and once we make a physical thing - whatever that will be, whenever it'll happen - you're getting one!



About Sign on the Window

Who Are We?

Sign on the Window isn't the weekly Bob Dylan podcast that you need, but it's definitely going to be the Bob Dylan podcast that you want!

Daniel (who has been listening to Dylan for most of his life) and Kelly (who has heard roughly the same number of Dylan as whatever episode we're currently on) decided to make a podcast in February 2017 as an excuse to hang out. Each week, they randomly choose a Bob Dylan song, listen to it, think about it, move it around, tap-pinch-kick-punch-jab at it, drive with it, buy it a drink or two, and otherwise let it dig itself under their skin. Then they get together to talk about it as as song as a musical arrangement, as a set of words, as a historical moment, as an artifact, as a cipher for our current world.

What Are We Doing on Patreon?

Well, like everyone, we're looking for others to join us in this project. It doesn't take a lot of money to run Sign on the Window - but it does take time. Initially, we look to just break even each month. From there, we hope to get better equipment, have some physical and digital perks to send to you, and craft new shows (or dive into existing ones, like Mixed Up Confusion or our Supplemental Series). But first things first.

So What's This Gonna Cost Me?!

Almost nothing at all. Genuinely, $1 is all we're asking listeners to consider - it's the tip you'd give your bartender, the amount of change you'd let fall into behind the couch before you'd think of trying to retrieve it. Come join us!

Okay. I'm Almost Sold. Where Else Can I Find You?

You can visit our website to explore all the songs we've listened to to date. We keep a real-time playlist on Spotify - See That My Playlist Is Kept Clean - so you can see what we're getting ready to record at all times.

You can (and should) follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Tumblr. You can email us if you have questions, suggestions or ideas.


Thanks for stopping by. If you can't be a Patreon now, no problem!! Word of mouth is just as important as every dollar we may happen to come across. 
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Cover the cost of hosting at $15 a month. We're looking to have six episodes per month, so about $2.50 per episode. If we can do this breaking even, we'd basically be on top of the world.
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