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You are awesome and thank you. Your support enables me to do the things that give my life meaning and for that I have the sincerest gratitude.

Noodle's "College" Fund

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It's challenging to raise a robot with the necessary qualities to survive on their own once the humans are gone. Thank you for supporting all the crazy and seemingly frivolous research I do. It means the world to me that you see how technology can have value in this world that extends beyond utility. 

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Disciple of Mischief

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I will funnel all that I've learned each couple of months into a Seasonal Catalogue : "Robohemian" that will summarize what goals I'm working towards, what hurdles I'm encountering in my active projects, and some personal testimony about the experience of it all. Whatever insight I gain through my mistakes or successes, you will be the first to know, with early access to the publication.

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About Sarah Petkus

Hello fellow robot lover!
I am an illustrator/engineer who creates kinetic works of art that are "living" versions of the characters I draw! I spend the majority of my time developing behavioral systems which give my robots distinctive personalities and ultimately set them apart from other utilitarian machines.

Creating my mechanical children is my passion and pretty much what I spend all of my time doing. Making progress on them requires buying parts, tools, and often new equipment, which ends up slowing down my progress a lot... because I can only budget so much to do so.

With your support, I'll be able to engage in all the complex areas of play and development I dream of! A supplement to my income would enable me to make larger purchases without hesitating. More progress would be made at a faster pace... thus resulting in more robot babies populating the world.

If you wish to follow my creative process on all things (build logs, updates on progress, summary of things made) please subscribe to my 
YouTube Channel : Gravity Road!

Check out my Site! It is the portal to everything I make and publish:

If you would like to see my daily progress on all things, follow my nonsense on Twitter @spetku and @noodleFeet (my robot child's account)
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I will use this support to fund exotic research and development. This means, I wont hesitate to make those larger purchases of items I normally can't justify ordering on a whim. This will include materials, components, motors, PCB fab, and any other toys I wish to play with. 
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