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Even for the little you are giving, we are eternally grateful and we will shout you out at the end of all of our shows. You will also be able to hear news updates for our network with our SSAANN posts. As well as early access to episodes of Just A Gintama Podcast, One Podcast Prevails, and Too Grown Up.

Plus, access to The Poltergeist Report, #JumpingThrough2017, and other select releases are also on here.
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Network Expansion!

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If you were not aware, we can't seem to want to stay quiet. In the past, we have experimented with podcasts outside of the anime/manga-sphere. Now we want to use this opportunity to bring back some of our older shows and make new ones.

Along with new shows, we will occasionally live stream episode recordings in this tier.

Examples of what's to come on the Network Expansion:

  • Founder's Select - Where talk about any series/movie requested by our lovely patrons in our Network Founders tier.
  • SSAG -  We will be hosting the Ass Backwards Gaming Podcast exclusively on Patreon. We love video games and we haven't been able to talk about it on our main show for a while. Topics will range from what we are currently playing to whatever is going on in the gaming world.
  • (New) Commentaries on some of our favorite movies which we can either pre-record or live stream so it's like we are having a movie night all together.
  • (New) Project Time Capsule - ????

Network Founders

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For the those of you who have supported us through the early years, we want to give thanks to you. You are now part of our elite inner circle. 

With this tier, you have the power to have an episode, exclusively on the Network, about any subject (within reason). It could be about your favorite anime or manga. Or it can be an hour of sheep noises. It's up to you. 

Limited to ten patrons. Are you elite enough be a founder?




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About SSAA Podcast Network

Hello everyone! We are the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast, also known as the SSAA Podcast. We are an anime podcast and we are the best kept secret on the internet. Since starting in 2008, we have grown and have amassed several other spin-off shows including:

  • Just A Gintama Podcast. A podcast dedicated to the current happenings of the anime and manga series, Gintama.
  • One Podcast Prevails. A retrospective look through the manga series, Detective Conan, known in the North America as Case Closed.
  • The Jump On Point. A podcast that talks about western and, sometimes even, eastern comic books.

Over the years we have been making shows, livestreams, and providing hours of content. Now we want to take it to the next level. We are going to be providing tons more content and even Patreon-exclusive podcasts to you.
$53.21 of $69 per month
NICE: We want to get here because it is a fun number and to at least cover the majority of the services we use for all the anime and manga we watch and read.

If we make it to this goal, we’ll start up a podcast mini-series dedicated to reading and discussing the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga in honor of the recent passing of Kazuki Takahasi, which will be available to all patrons!
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