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Get into the SMHfanclub at a bargain in early 2022!

For $3 you'll get an exclusive SMHfanclub bumper sticker, a monthly wallpaper for your phone, and a digital copy of my new quarterly zine.

You'll also get access to the SMHfanclub community where I'll be staying connected, answering questions and offering sneak peaks on things I'm working on!

SMHfanclub members also get a promo code for 50% off their next purchase on my website.
  • SMHfanclub Bumper Sticker!
  • SMHfanclub Member Community!
  • Monthly Phone Wallpapers!
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About Stephen Michael Haas

Mail in your box topperz, coupons and cryptos, y’all!
Stephen Michael Haas wants to take you on a joy ride of preferential treatment through the SMHfanclub!

What’s the SMHfanclub you might ask?
Let's first talk about what the SMHfanclub feels like.

SMHfanclub feels like digging your hand deep into the nethers of your favorite cereal box to pull out a prize coated in sugary dust

SMHfanclub feels like finding your letter to the editor in the fan mail section of Nintendo Power Circa 1996

SMHfanclub feels like the tingly butterlies you got in your gut the first time you saw the Millenium Falcon go into hyperspace in A New Hope

But enough of how SMHfanclub feels, whats in it for you?
Through SMHfanclub, I’ll be offering more insight into my life as an artist.
With a monthly newsletter, a quarterly zine and exclusive swag twice a year. I’ll be sharing my philosophies, thought processes, workflows, advice, criticism, praise, etc. etc. etc. ( I might even share my van with you if you need to move a couch.)
Monthly email newsletter and podcast, a quarterly magazine,
exclusive swag twice a year!
25% off SMH webstore forever
Working as an artist Full Time is a crazy…Bumpy ride, your support helps me keep the ship a sail and is greatly appreciated
I look forward to riding the wave with you.
Come join the club!


By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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