Creating a grimdark, politically charged, sci-fi roleplaying game

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  • Our monthly content drop – Illustrated, game-ready content from the Core Rulebook and beyond!—including archaetech, xenofauna, settings, characters (pregenerated PCs and NPCs), optional rules, and meta-gaming thoughts straight from the designers. We'll post other content publicly, but patron-only drops will be richer and designed for immediate utility in Stillfleet or, with tweaks, any sci-fi RPG.
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  • Raw playtest content – Each month, get a section of undesigned but usable content from the Core Rulebook! Even before we post work-in-progress drafts, you'll be able to use these rules, fauna entries, tech items, and settings in your games.
  • Game-design discussions – You'll be invited to regular meetings with the game designers, each focused on a specific aspect of gameplay. Help bring the game to life!
  • Directorate-only Discord channel – You’ll gain access to the Wetan Mafia Hideout, where we will post work-in-progress spreads from whatever module we're currently designing. Feedback is welcome!
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  • Raw playtest chapters – Enter the Archive! Each month, access another under-edited, un-designed, un-illustrated, but rules-stuffed chapter from the Core Rulebook or a future book. Use it in your game now!
  • Monthly playtests with the game designers – Call first dibs on our one-off playtests, organized on Discord! (Starting September, 2020.)
  • Top-secret Discord channel – Grindeesal Alley is our designer-only skunkworks, where you get root-level access to the [REDACTED]. 
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About Stillfleet

We have designed a bold, weird, and very fun new sci-fi RPG. We've been playing it for years, and we think it's rad. Now we're bringing it into the wider world… but we need your help!

We—Wythe, writer and game creator / Ethan, art / Erich, design—have day jobs. We have no network in the industry. We are designing and promoting a game at our own expense. Every patron helps make this process go a little faster, and a lot more smoothly. To be clear: 100% of Patreon funds go to game development!

In return for a modest monthly contribution, you'll get access to game content that—while designed to help you dive into Stillfleet—will also enhance any other sci-fi or science fantasy RPG. We've got a ton of material to offer, and the monthly process of polishing it and getting feedback on the game is invaluable.


is a game about exploring ruined spacecraft—hulks—as well as habitable earth-like planets long-ago colonized by terrans but then cut off from contact with the greater galaxy for decades or centuries—rocks.

Thus Stillfleet is really two different games, one hulkside—a series of grimdark explorations of advanced technical structures, hanging in the void—and the other rockside—a political game about managing a company distributed across space.

Players take the roles of various explorers working as part of the Worshipful Company of Stillfleeters, more often known simply as the Company—the Co. Theoretically, the players are working together, for the Company… In practice, the Directorate of the Co. is often the major antagonist in the game.

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The term “stillfleet” comes from the fact that many planets were once colonized by humans, and that most of these planets (or all of them?) are orbited even today by massive, “dead” ships.

However advanced, these ships never work as originally designed. Their tachyon drives are unpowered, their dimension mills broken. To reach them, fleeters use not other ships but the timespace gates called stiffworks

Have what it takes to tour the void and survive!? JOIN THE WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF STILLFLEETERS TODAY! Free the future! Destroy the Directorate! 
$404.06 of $500 per month
We will pay our brilliant Discord GM-mods a monthly honorarium for running games.
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