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About Stina B.


I'm Stina B, an illustrator from Alabama USA. My work focuses on animals of all kinds and the incredible world we call home.

I do a little freelance work, private commissions, and have dabbled in art merch for several years. But my favorite thing is making art about whatever is making my brain buzz right now and sticking it on the internet for everyone to see. Sometimes that's saying "Look, isn't this animal/plant/ecosystem fascinating?" and sometimes it's "Here's a picture of cute otters saying you're Otterly Wonderful."

With the help of my patrons here, I'll be able to pursue more self-initiated art that I and my audience (you!) care about, and work on finding a workload and pace that agrees with my chronic illnesses so I can continue making art for a good long time.

I'm still posting art on social media, and intend to do that as long as anything resembling social media exists. What happens on Patreon is just a little More. More sketches, more alternate versions and close-ups, more talking about whatever I'm in the mood to talk about.

A lot of my posts here are publicly viewable -- I want a simple way for people who like what I do to slide me a few bucks each month, not to lock tons of my creative output behind a paywall. But some things like zine downloads, real-time progress on lengthy projects, as well as occasional snail mail, goes to my patrons as a thanks. And you can become a patron and get all of that for $2 a month! That's it! My limited patience and energy is going into art-making, not figuring out complicated patron tiers!

I had an almost-year-long warm-up period here during which every post was public. But as of mid-2021, patron-only content has started to trickle out via locked posts (aiming for one a month) and real physical art in patrons' real physical mailboxes.


Small contributions add up quicker than you may expect. Patreon allows folks who enjoy my art to give a little tip each month that both makes me feel warm and fuzzy and appreciated, and contributes to a semi-reliable payout. "Reliable" is not a word freelance/independent artists often get to use regarding income! Your $2 (or more, if you choose to set a higher custom amount) really does mean a lot.

If you become a patron, you'll be charged at the start of every month, and you'll have access to all past locked posts and all new locked posts for as long as you remain a patron.

I'm chronically ill, making it near impossible to work a "regular" job and very very difficult to maintain a constant active art hustle. Patreon is a much lower-stress avenue to bring in some supplementary income while I produce the kind of work that I'm truly passionate about, and that resonates with my friends and followers.

not ready to be a patron?

No worries! You can follow without pledging in order to see me in your Patreon feed and receive notifications/emails about new public posts. And, as stated above, my social media art isn't going anywhere. Find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Leaving comments and retweeting/reblogging is super helpful, and if you still want to show support financially, you can purchase my art from Etsy, Redbubble, Society6, or Inprnt.

As always: thanks, I love you, be good to each other <3
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Let's make a zine! I'll make a brand-new mini zine with your help in choosing the theme and content, and mail a physical copy to all patrons.

(Also, things like my PO box, domain name and other minor web/tech expenses will be covered thanks to you!)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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