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About The Stop, Hack, & Roll Network

Hello Hack & Rollers!  Brandon and James here!

Our Podcasts

Stop, Hack, and Roll
Stop, Hack, & Roll is a roleplaying game podcast focused on hacking, modifying, and house-ruling games in order to make the rules work for you. We believe that everyone who plays tabletop games is a game designer and every game you play has been modified. We talk about all of the different ways to make games work in new, interesting ways and write some brand new games in the process!

Protean City Comics
Are you seeking thrilling tales of Adventure and Super-Heroics?
Do you crave the weekly drama of Teenage Hijinks and High School Angst?
Protean City Comics is a weekly actual-play podcast run in the Masks: A New Generation system. It’s central conceit is a meta narrative that it is an actual comic book company.

Our Community

This podcast would not have been possible without the love, support, and encouragement of all of the wonderful people in the rpg community. You are all wonderful and there is nothing more invigorating than getting to connect with everyone. Community is such an important part of the Stop, Hack, and Roll network.

Whether you back us or not, please join on on twitter or on our discord.

Why Patreon?

James personally shouldered the monetary responsibility for launching the podcast. All the initial setup of equipment and software was paid out of pocket. We launched the Patreon to attempt to raise money to cover the recurring fees and free up some finances to explore new podcast options. We were almost immediately able to increase our hosting quality to release better sounding episodes. After blowing past our starting goals we were able to get better equipment and even launch a second podcast.

We are really excited to look at ways in which we can produce even more content. It's been so amazing meeting you wonderful listeners and we want to keep on getting better!

Thank You For Your Support

We appreciate every kind of support our listeners give us and want to just thank you ahead of time. Thank you for helping us make Stop, Hack, & Roll be everything it can be. And as you are shuffling pledges between Patreons and Kickstarters, Indie Go-Gos and Backerkits, never forget to Stop. Hack. And Roll.
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Evening With the Editors

James, Brandon, and some of the Protean City cast will hang out for an evening to discussion some behind the scenes decisions that have gone into the creation of Protean City Comics.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
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