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About stopthinkprevent

Founded on the basis of this thought: One is Too Many.

When it comes to Safety and Health in an occupational setting, training is an issue. Planning is an issue. Follow through is an issue. Commitment - individual, and organizational, is an issue.

It's time we said - "Enough is Enough".

A simple message. A daunting task. Take action. Save lives.

Visibility is key. A powerful message is needed.

Stop. Think. Prevent.

Simple. Powerful. Empowering - to the organizations AND the individuals who adopt the concept.

It's more than a slogan. It's more than instruction. It truly is a "way of life". A way to LIVE.

In construction, our industry has got to stop the falls, the electrocutions, the trench fatalities...the suicides...

In all industries, the decisions individuals make every day can effect the outcome of a product, a process, or a plan.

In the United States, over 4800 people died at work in 2015. It's time we said - "Enough is Enough". One is Too Many.

On top of the technical issues any workplace may contain, across the board, mental health issues can exacerbate challenges - workplace violence, substance misuse, family medical issues, stress...

We don't have all of the answers. We have ONE, that just may apply in a number of circumstances.

Stop. Think. Prevent.

Because One injury, One fatality, One suicide, One overdose, is Too Many.

Join us. Spread the word. Create a wave! See more at

Thank you.
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