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About Swallow Your Pride Podcast

I can't thank you all enough for supporting this endeavor. We all know there is a *HUGE* need for easily accessible, *FREE* education in our field. I absolutely love what I do, I love the patients I treat, I love the SLPs that I serve, and I want to level up the current state of dysphagia education for everyone involved.

As I've said from day 1-- I had *NO* clue where this train was heading, but I'm committed to holding on tight, and continuing to crank out episode after episode with top notch guests.

With each episode, and a GROWING community that I am oh so eternally grateful for, the expenses keep riding up. I do have a few affiliates and advertisers that are helping to keep the lights on currently, but I know you don't want to hear ad after ad after ad on the podcast. If this podcast has brought any value to you and your career, I am simply asking for a small amount of that value back, so that we can continue to churn these out like buttah!!!

I could not and would not do this podcast without you, and would love to have you join me in this exclusive community.

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