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About Tab Creations

Ever since we first released Shadows Over SolAge of Ambition, Dime Adventures and Against the Dark Yogi, one thing we’ve heard time and time again from fans is that they want to see more published adventures and other game supplements.

This is great! However, the challenge for us has been that supplements and published adventures tend not to sell as well as content that comes bundled with a core game. If we’re to create these supplements, we need a budget where we can afford to pay our artists, editors and authors a fair wage for their work.

That’s why we’re asking for your patronage.

Our plan is to release an adventure or other short supplement for Age of Ambition, Shadows Over Sol, Dime Adventures or Against the Dark Yogi every three months. When we publish more Saga Machine games in the future, we may add supplements for them to the mix as well.

Our target length for each of these supplements is 32 pages or more. Backers will receive both a PDF copy of the supplement, as well as the option to order a print copy “at cost,” meaning at the minimal price required to print the book.

Sometime after our Patreon backers get their rewards, these supplements will be made available to other fans through DriveThruRPG. Patreon backers, however, will always get the best deal. You’ve shown your faith in us, and we want to show our thanks to you!

What are the Saga Machine roleplaying games?

Saga Machine
is the core system used in Age of Ambition, Shadows Over Sol, Against the Dark Yogi and Dime Adventures. It’s a rules-medium system, with an emphasis on both speed and ease of play. You can read more about it here!

The big picture is that we have several more Saga Machine games in the works, but we want to make sure that each of our game lines gets the attention and love it deserves. That's one reason we started this Patreon project.

How will this work?

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform where each pledge gets processed at the end of the month after the creator provides a “content update.” This means that you will not be charged for anything until after we have produced and sent to you the promised supplement.

We won’t ever release more than one adventure or supplement in a month, but please feel free to cap your monthly contribution just in case!

What adventures and supplements are in the works?

Our ideas for adventures are numerous, but here are a few of the ones that we have in the works.

Age of Ambition: Escape From Exile's Island
Sooner or later most heroes run afoul of the authorities, and the party's latest escapades have landed them in a remote island prison. Their adventure, however, has just begun. Along the way they will meet with a seedy lawyer, have the chance to become involved in a poorly thought out escape attempt and make the acquaintance a variety of colorful allies and enemies, all likewise in exile.

Shadows Over Sol: The Kessler Effect
Every time a ship is launched, debris is left in orbit. When two pieces of orbital debris collide, they break apart, creating even more debris. The Kessler Effect is a theoretical tipping point where there is so much debris in orbit that reaching space becomes impossible. When this happens, every man, woman and child off-Earth will die. It's the worst case scenario.

Unfortunately, there's a radical faction out there who want to trigger the Kessler Effect. And the only thing standing in the way of total annihilation is a ragtag team of scrappers.

Age of Ambition: The Butcher's War
Admiral Moolough "the Butcher" has gone rogue and is building his own cult-like army. Privateers in his employ have raided settlements all along the Rasonic coast. Now through a mixture of diplomacy, intrigue, espionage and military action the heroes must put a stop to his growing might before it causes war throughout the region.

Shadows Over Sol: Life Support
When the Rhea colony is severely damaged in a drunken accident, the team is sent out to effect repairs, leading to the colony going entirely dark during transit. Unfortunately, nothing can prepare the team for what they find upon arrival. And perhaps the drunken accident wasn't so accidental after all.
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At this level of support, the Patreon campaign has reached a point where it can fully, albeit minimally, fund the adventures and other supplements being created. This is our threshold for success. When we reach this goal, we will send all backers a special bonus mini-adventure.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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