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is creating battle map for tabletop RPG (D&D and Pathfinder)

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per new map pack
  • Day and Night versions original map
  • 140ppi size (for VTT)
  • Grid and Gridless versions
  • Helpsheet (tips explaining what is happening on the map)
  • Polls what maps you want to see next month
If you need original maps and night versions without credit and better quality.


per new map pack
  • Recruit tier reward
  • +5 variations min. map (changes such as seasons, weather, lighting)
If your games take place in cold and snowy or hot and desert locations.

Includes Discord benefits

Battle Mage

per new map pack
  • ALL map variations and other materials for maps.
  • PDF printable (300ppi)
  • Foundry VTT module
If you don't need restrictions and want to have access to all maps. And also if you want to print the map.

Includes Discord benefits




per new map pack

About Tactical Master

Hello, battle brothers and sisters!

  • I provide my patrons with a map with a large size, without credit, several versions (night, different color or other condition). Use “Free maps” tag to see which maps I make (each post has a preview of the rewards). You can also use the site: www.tactical-map.com
  • Becoming a patron you pay only for new map pack. You also get access to all the maps that were published earlier, in accordance with the selected tier. I provide 2-4 map packs a month. If it is more convenient for you to buy map packs, and not use the Patreon subscription, then my maps can be purchased in Roll20 or on website.
  • Additionally, I offer my patrons on a separate sheet my ideas for the maps. This allows you to better understand what tactical situations I expected, creating a map. Only patrons see this miniguide so that your players cannot know about the dangers that await them.

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