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Creating love, curiosity, empowerment

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About Tasshin Fogleman

Hi! I'm Tasshin! I'm an extremely online wandering quasi-monk on indefinite pilgrimage for the benefit of all beings. I have three main endeavors: spreading love, following my curiosity, and empowering others.

What I'm currently doing to spread loving kindness:
  • inspiring others to do loving kindness practice (e.g. with music videos and dance events)
  • practice loving kindness myself, embodying it, deepening my own practice

What I'm currently doing to follow my curiosity:
  • recording in-depth, intimate, inspiring conversations with a wide variety of interesting characters as podcast interviews (video, audio)
  • writing:
    • high quality introductory / explanatory blog posts to important and under-investigated topics
    • cozy, vulnerable, inspiring, irregular newsletters
    • kind, introspective, curious, playful tweets and threads on my Twitter account
  • going down rabbit holes. reading, taking courses, trying new things. exploring. learning in public, passing on what I find.
What I'm currently doing to empower others:
  • articulating my concept of a vow
  • practicing my ability to perceive others accurately
  • tracking legible service projects in my network
  • looking for win-win and omni-win opportunities to empower others

I also:
  • use Creative Commons licenses for my content wherever possible so as to make the benefits of loving kindness and the fruits of my curiosity widely available
  • support and collaborate with other creators, spiritual wanderers, activists, and actors of all flavors
  • do pro-bono volunteering and as-needed mentorship on a case-by-case basis

What you receive from being a Patron:

Each day, I try to give every gift I can reasonably give the world. What gifts I see as best to give vary from day to day, circumstance to circumstance. I give my time, energy, and skills freely, where it seems most alive, exciting, and beneficial to do so. 

This is a practice of generosity for me. I believe that if I give my gifts to the world, the world will choose to support me in turn, so that I may continue to give my gifts. I have been grateful and blessed to see that this has held true. Living my life based on generosity—giving my gifts to the world, and receiving gifts in turn—feels like a form of right livelihood for me right now.

The model for my Patreon is one of exchange without expectation – I give my time and effort freely, both here and across my other medias, because this is the work I am called to do. The folks who want to support me in that will do so, without promise of a certain amount of output from me here.

This means that I see your contributions to my Patreon as a gift that I am blessed to receive, rather than a transactional exchange with expectations or obligations. That said, all patrons receive the following benefits:
  • early access to new content (e.g. blog posts) through semiregular posts and messages
  • access to a Discord community, where I share regular updates about my work and projects
  • semiregular community calls, where you can hear from me and meet and befriend other kind, loving, curious people. I aim to hold these calls roughly quarterly, although the scheduling depends on my travel schedule which is quite variable.
Your generosity makes my life and work possible. Thank you! May this work benefit all beings. 🙏

"All who act upon their highest motivations become a power for good."
- Peace Pilgrim
$776 of $1,000 per month
At this point, a significant portion of my expenses are covered. I can focus my time and energy on my projects - spreading metta, recording my podcast, writing my blog and newsletter, posting on Twitter, and other high-impact projects. If I do consulting or non-profit work, it is because I see it as the best use of my time, not because I need the income. I can justify doing pro-bono consulting, mentoring, and volunteer work, as well as supporting other creators that inspire me personally.
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