Taylar Nuevelle

is creating a training guide for advocates of justice-involved females

About Taylar Nuevelle

In October of 2016 I went back to jail as a guest speaker and from there I began teaching at the jail once a week. I went back to a place where I had survived the most degrading and abusive situations of my adult life. After a year of creating and teaching I realized that I want the work I do to be available to all organizations and advocates who work with justice-involved women and girls.  

Each week I spent about three hours teaching, listening, writing and learning with women who are like me, and this triggered my disability.  During this same time I also began the most amazing journey of training people who go into jails and prisons and work with women and girls.  Along with training I also spent time as a guest speaker and on panels about the issues faced by justice-involved women--including mental illness, substance use disorder, violence while incarcerated, homelessness when they return--with the hope of creating alternatives to incarceration.  At each turn people and organizations have asked me for my work so that they can replicate what I have created.  I want to continue to write, advocate and design programing for women as well as provide direct services.

I have spent several months researching and working on various articles that I have not published but rather putting them together in a training manual.  This takes an enormous amount of time and financial resources.  While I write and share, I am also continuing to work directly with justice-involved women as their advocate with housing, probation, employment, access to mental health and so much more.  I do not earn an income from this work and too often others co-opt my work for profit.

I live a very modest life and I am trying to make good on my calling of Dismantling the Trauma-to-Prison Pipeline for Women and Girls™.  There are thank you gifts at every level of support so whether its $1 or $25 I will let you know that I appreciate your support and encouragement.  My goal is $350/mo

I started this patreon page a over a year ago and people seemed excited.  However, many people who supported me were also following me on Facebook and Instagram.  I lost support as I began expressing my frustration with white privilege and white fragility.  People actually sent me messages telling me that I needed to stop making them feel bad about their whiteness because they were supporting me via patreon.  I am Taylar Nuevelle and I have very strong opinions.  I also have an amazingly big heart and love to share my gifts.  If being who I am offends you and makes you feel you have a right to control me then please do not offer support as I will always speak my truth.  I'm looking forward to being able to wake up everyday and write and have my gifts appreciated.  I hope you come on this journey with me.

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You can give from $1 up.  Everyone will receive access to the monthly Taylar Speaks Blog only available to supporters. Any support over $10 I will coordinate with the supporters to offer items I have knitted depending on the level of support the items available are : hats, scarfs, wrist warmers, small bags.  Once I reach $100 I will start the monthly Taylar Speaks Blog.  

Please feel free to send me a message via Patreon of FB!
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