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About Anne Stott

Hey Hey! You stopped by.  
Thanks for checking out my Patreon page.
AKA Anne's Patreon Posse.

Anne Stott here. I'm a multi-hyphenate earnest irreverant good girl to the bad girls and bad girl to the good girls who expresses herself through writing, singing, acting, talking, and musing. I am currently recording Watershed Synapse Experience, my third album of original music. My last album, Love Never Dies, peaked at #19 on the Relix Magazine radio charts and was called "a stunner." I've played gigs up and down the Eastern Seaboard and beyond and acted in plays all over Cape Cod as well as short films and of course my own music videos (see below). I've been nominated for awards and was a presenter at the first annual TEDx Provincetown. Sapiosexual, the first single and video off Watershed Synapse Experience, drops May 20, 2022.

Patreon is a platform where fans support artists PER THING they make.
So instead of giving as much money as you can to one big project, you give a smaller manageable amount of money each time I release something through Patreon. So you support the artists you love directly, and this support allows me to set the terms of my own creative life and make the things I really want to make when and how I want to make them. 
There's a freedom and possibility here that doesn't exist anywhere else in the music industry. Because if you know anything about the music industry, you know that even before the pandemic, opportunities to make a living as an independent artist have been dwindling.
Your financial contribution makes it possible for me to keep making work that often doesn't have any income attached to it (particularly videos). And the ability to have an authentic connection with the people who love my work is empowering in so many ways beyond the money. 
In return for your support, you get rewards based on the level at which you join. Like monthly haikus at the $5+ level and a monthly inspiration post at the $25+ level.
If you like my music or my videos or livestreams, hit  BECOME A PATRON at the top of the page and you’ll be part of Anne’s Patreon Posse.
A music art love justice posse.
Let's ride. 

You make a Patreon account (if you don't have one already)
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I am currently releasing one or two things each month, so you can budget accordingly.
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cool rewards (haikus! inspiration posts!)
and the first look at anything I make
as well the behind the scenes look at how and why I do what I do.
Oh, and my gratitude. For reals.

The Album Project.  I am recording my third album, Watershed Synapse Experience. Woot. So i will be activating your support once a month for each song on the album. Probably 9-13 songs.
REEL TAKES A new youtube channel talking about movies I love and why they move me.
A spoken word video of a poem I wrote many moons ago. 
Live In-studio Videos. I did two of these this fall and really enjoyed them. More to come.
Music Videos for all the songs on my albums.

REEL TAKES, my weekly YouTube show where I gush about films I think everyone should see. This episode is on the films of Kelly Reichardt.

Hey America/Stand, the song and lyric video:

Only Us Live 2020 song and video:

Jump Go. The song and video:

NOT 4 LONG MF, the song and video 

Patreon made you a fun video to answer questions about how this whole thing works. Watch here:

Important things for you to know:
You can cap your posts so you control how much money will be charged per month.
I release one or two things per month, so you can decide on a tier based on that output.
You can back out at anytime.
Whatever YOU want.

THANK YOU for stopping by.  
Let's music art love peace revolution together. 
31 of 50 patrons
When we hit 50 patrons, I will do a patreon only online concert where I will play songs and maybe read some things and have surprises and fun stuff. 
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