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About Anny

I'm Anny and I'm the writer of The Anny Blog, a blog covering mostly literature in the fiction genre, including books, comics and visual novels, but also games and animated shows and films. The Anny Blog has existed for many years and is my pet project which I commit a lot of time and money on to be able to write my sometimes brutally honest opinions on different media.

The regular content of the blog are reviews or review-like posts, mostly of different kinds of literature, such as visual novels, books and comics.

The research I conduct is on the "magical girl" genre and I will compile it into the "Mahou Shoujo Guide", which I hope will guide people through the genre known in Japan as mahou shoujo, covering things such as history, sub-genres and recommendations to get an idea of both classic and modern trends in the genre.

The reward for all, patrons and just regular readers alike, is content to read on a regular basis covering visual novels (mainly otome games), books, comics, games and animated shows and films. What patrons specifically get, you can find in the sidebar listing the rewards!

A quick Q&A!!

Q: Why do you want me to support you?
A: I really enjoy writing and I wish to do it for as much and as long as I possibly can. It's also one of the the few things my health hasn't taken away from me yet.

Q: How long have you been blogging?
A: I started in 2006. I have evolved into review blogging over time and it wasn't what I initially blogged about.

Q: Do you only write reviews?
A: No, I also write poetry, novels, occasional short stories and I'm also writing on other blogs, such as a local flute society's blog and occasionally on That Game Club.

Q: How much time do you spend writing a day?
A: That's a tough one. It varies on a day to day basis. Some days all I write are notes, for instance if I read a book or play a game to review. Other days I barely get up from the chair as I'm typing away on a story. I tend to only do one thing at the time though and it's dependent on my health as well.

Q: So what is wrong with your health?
A: A lot. I suffer from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is a genetic defect that causes the connective tissue to not work as it should. A vast majority of the body has some kind connective tissue and hence I have so many health issues I actually have a 7 page document on my computer where the 3 first pages are just a list of symptoms. My most problematic issues are chronic joint pains, chronic inflammation and chronic fatigue (but a bowel that refuses to work normally so I can't eat sometimes and severe anxiety attacks because of adrenaline sensitivity are huge issues as well). It forces me to do things differently or quit as the illness progresses, but as long as there is anyway for me to share my stories and reviews, I'm not going to stop writing! This illness however, makes regular work hard. I need so many adaptation and I might not even be able to go to work on a day-to-day basis, so no one wants to hire me. Blogging, my research and my creative writing is something I can do any time, almost anywhere, so it's kind to my health and my health has yet to affect it too much.
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