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About Bobby (The Blacktastic)

This page is undergoing a lot of  tentative changes (including the tiers and goals), but stay tuned for a full update!

Hey, everyone! The Blacktastic (you can call me Bobby) here. 
I'm a recently-partnered Twitch streamer that's unfortunately had to leave his previous place of work due to Pandemia, but is also excited to take the next steps in variety content creation!

I've met a whole lot of you while streaming on Twitch, and I loved the time spent building the Black Brigade to the outstanding community that it is today. Your contributions through Patreon will contribute to furthering the quality of my production value & content across a myriad of social platforms.
I left my job, a place I loved very much, due to being high-risk for health problems caused by COVID-19. I have a history of respiratory issues, mainly asthma, that's made it especially scary to work in these environments (the service industry). I've been there for 3 years, and hadn't really had a backup plan for if I abruptly left like this, honestly.

But with all of this free time, while looking for an at-home position, I want to attempt to realize my dream of being a full-time content creator. With entertaining speedruns, engaging indie game events, and producing competitive fighting game tournaments at the forefront, our channel's grown to feature a niche yet extremely broad range of video games. I want to keep doing this, & more with the community and brand I've put so much effort into growing with 5 years of streaming on Twitch.

I'm planning on streaming 4-5 days a week, 6 hour days. I'm planning on doing more with the growing Brigade, announcing pretty exciting things for events soon, and extending beyond Twitch to consistently curate my channel at Youtube. I'm also putting a strong focus on keeping my community fun, safe, & all-inclusive. I want people who engage in our space with the Brigade & I to feel like they have a second home to enjoy what they like to watch with friends much like them. It's going to take me a long while to get everything right, but this is what I've been wanting to do for a while. I want to work to do what I love doing. We've unlocked a lot of options with Twitch Partnership, and now I want to take it even further. Now, with the completely optional choice to fund my endeavors, I'm reaching out to all of you who want to lend a hand.  I'll be attempting to give back in any way I can. 

You want fresh content? You got it. Your support contributes to variety production, such as:
  • Weekly videos & highlights on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & YouTube outlets.
  • Funding Cloud PC server costs for low-latency online multiplayer, Parsec, etc.
  • Funding music production & tracks highlights/uploads on Soundcloud.
  • Travel to conventions & gaming events of which I'm scheduled to perform (such as GDQ, ESA, whenever it becomes safe again) 

$12.91 of $100 per month
Streamed Let's Play of fun non-speedrun content
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