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About The Circus Diaries

Where do you go to find out what's going on in the world of circus arts? If, like me, you've been frustrated time and again by the lack of info out there, then welcome, friend!

The Circus Diaries is an online platform dedicated to bringing you reviews of shows, news on industry events, and critical thought on the evolving place of circus arts today. There's no paywall - we want people to have access to this stuff - but that means all the content creation work happens for nothing. Selling advertising space could present a worrying conflict of interest, so that's not really an option, which means I'm turning to you, the circus community!

The great thing is, the more people who donate, the more content can be produced! Wouldn't it be amazing if we could create our own fully community-funded circus magazine? And wouldn't it be sad if no-one was able to find out about the wonderful work that's out there because no-one was willing to pay for that content to exist...

So, if you've enjoyed the site over the past few of years - or if you're excited to be discovering it now! - please consider donating so that I can continue to run the platform and grow it into something even bigger and better! Giving $1 a month won't hurt many pockets, but those dollars soon add up to the milestones at this end.

(FAQ - Yes, this is a UK-based site, but Patreon only works in $USD.
$1 = about 75p!)

Thank you for all the feedback and encouragement over the last few years - it makes me feel this is worth continuing with. And to those of you who've donated as Patrons - thank you even more heartily! You mean that we are actually able to continue!

What's in it for You?

By signing up, you get content straight to your inbox in a monthly round-up, and the recognition that you're putting your money where your mouth is to support the circus arts. 

Have a look at the rewards below.

Who Else Benefits?

Ever produced a circus show and struggled to get publicity for it? Ever tried to research a company or act and found nothing available? Ever wanted to know if a show coming your way was worth seeing, but found no reviews to give you any clues? Or just want to see behind the scenes of the circus world and find out how it functions...

These are all reasons why The Circus Diaries is important. Since the site began I've had emails from scholars, performers, fans and producers, all thanking me for creating this resource, for providing informed, circus-savvy reading material. And I want to meet demand, I really do. So I need your help.

Why Do I Need Support?

It costs time and money to travel to events and shows. It takes time and money to stay at home to research and to write (instead of being at a 'proper job'). What started as an expensive and time-consuming 'hobby' can no longer keep up with the increasing amount of circus being produced, or the requests to be included. This is work, and work shouldn't go unpaid. 'If I'm providing a service, perhaps service users could pay towards it?', I thought...

If you have ever benefitted from The Circus Diaries' existence, or understand how vital it is within the growing world of circus art, please give a little towards its upkeep. 

We can do this!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 78 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 78 exclusive posts

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